Tips To Make The Best Facebook Marketing Videos!

Facebook marketing videos are one of the strongest and most viable media to market your product or service to customers in the present day. The number of users that visit Facebook on a daily basis and scroll across their news feed is so vast that the potential gains which can be reaped from such video marketing are insurmountable. If you are looking forward to market your business through Facebook videos, you should take note of the following tips for best and most successful outcomes from this activity.

Why go for video form of advertisement?

Unlike textual form of content, which requires a higher degree of user engagement, a video offers a more automatic form of content, which the user is highly willing to devote his time on. Even statistics show that the field of video advertisement is so underutilized that once fully developed, there will be no stopping its reach. Video advertisement is highly visible and broader in terms of getting user engagement.


How to make the best Facebook Marketing videos?

  1. Engage your viewers immediately: These days, all social media platforms offer the feature where videos play instantly as soon as the user scrolls over them. At most, a viewer will allow a time of three to five seconds to make up his mind whether he wishes to continue watching it or not. So, basically, that’s all the time you got to create an impression on your users. So, starting from the very first few frames, your video should begin emphasizing on the essence of your objective of making it.
  1. Compel your audience to go for it: In your call to action, offer an insight or compelling solution to your users’ problems so that they would be willing to go for your video. If your video does not target any customer or user, how will it gain any viewership!
  1. Add captions and highlights to the videos: As videos are mostly auto-played, your users will be more interested in watching your video if they can read the words being spoken as muting off isn’t an option most of the times.
  1. Connect with your audience: As soon as your audience realizes that your content is very much related to them or associates with them on some or the other level, they will feel more interested in watching it further, with enthusiasm. For this, you can go forward with showing stories and experiences, something that is inherent to the lives of people.
  1. Headlines arouse curiosity: Eye movement while watching the video, diverts the mind of the user from the possibility of watching something else. Use catchy headlines to support your videos and gain more viewership.
  1. Focus on description: Though short and precise is always better when it comes to a description, remember that it is the reason why your target user might want to watch your video. Keep it concise but focus on making it lucrative.

The lowdown

Kartrocket allows you to use its sophisticated tools and insights that help you in building the best Facebook videos for your campaign. Use our tools today and create the best videos with our personnel today!

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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KartRocket Included In Google’s Digital Unlocked Initiative

KartRocket Included In Google’s Digital Unlocked Initiative!

Hello everyone!

We are delighted to announce kartrocket’s inclusion in Google’s digital unlocked initiative, it’s a real honor to get acknowledged by Google.

Digital Unlocked is an initiative by Sundar Pichai, to help SMB’s and startups go digital. The programme is launched in collaboration with the IT Ministry of India and FICCI.

  1. It lets the startups or individuals can register and take training on their topic of interest and get certification from Google & ISB, Hyderabad.
  2. Through this initiative, small and medium businesses in India will get a boost and their online growth will be given a push.
  3. A separate app called “Primer” is also available on Android & IOS which will make the training docs accessible on the go.
  4. In addition, Google is planning to conduct 5000 workshops in a year.


KartRocket aligns with Google’s vision of creating a digital India, it is an end-to-end eCommerce enablement platform that allows entrepreneurs to create their eCommerce websites, mobile app, accept online & COD payments, ship their orders across India and get sales from marketplaces.

We aim to be an end-to-end solution provider for every eCommerce digital requirement, as correctly identified by Google. Here’s what we’ve to contribute to this initiative:

  • Complete eCommerce Solution: Working towards Google’s vision to tap the caliber of SMB industry and increase its contribution to the country’s GDP we provide entrepreneurs with their website, logistics, and marketing solutions.
    KartRocket is a complete DIY eCommerce platform. You don’t need to go anywhere else for your eCommerce needs.
  • Affordable Pricing: We know that major setback for starting an online business in SMB sector is the absence of funds. We’ve subsidized our pricing to make our subscription charges light on their pockets.
  • Mobile Responsive Website: Mobile commerce is gaining popularity and will be the next exploding thing on the internet. We help startups will solutions to prepare their online business for the bigger scope of internet commerce.
  • Marketplace Listing: Our solution simplifies selling on marketplaces, we’ve integration with biggest marketplaces like Flipkart, Shopclues, Amazon, and eBay etc. It helps SMB’s get initial visibility and boost sales.
  • Payment Gateway: With the recent demonetization impact having a payment gateway or any digital payments option is very important on the website. We’ve inbuilt integration with all the major payment gateway providers and offer lowest TDR rates.
  • Automated Shipping: Our logistics software, ShipRocket offers you the complete solution for shipping. You can ship to more than 16000+ pin codes, using any of the 8 best courier companies like FedEx, Aramex, DTDC, Delhivery, Ecom Express, etc. to ship nationally and internationally.
  • Marketing Apps: With more than 200+ apps for your store enhancement, KartRocket has also partnered with 3rd party startups to offer you the best help for marketing, sales, system tools, CRM, email marketing, digital marketing, analytics, etc.


As per Google, SMBs or small and medium businesses play an important role in India’s economy as 37 percent of the country’s GDP is contributed by them.

Here are some remarkable clients we’ve had in almost every sector, click here

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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PPC campaign fixes

5 common reasons for the failure of your last PPC campaign and their fixes!

Over the years, Pay per Click (PPC) has revolutionized the manner in which organizations and companies promote their services and products. Gone are the days, when the brands contrived to buy massive banner space on the websites. Using the Pay per Click platforms such as Bing Ads and Google AdWords, brands can now come up with customized ads while targeting the specific keywords which are relevant to the dedicated audience. However, what’s important to know is that running a successful Pay Per Click campaign is never an easy task. So, here we are going to take a quick look at some of the most common reasons why PPC campaign fails.

Reason #1 – Keeping CPL as the prime focus

Many PPC account managers have a common belief – CPL or Cost Per Lead is how it is determined whether the PPC ads are producing substantial results or not. In the past couple of years, PPC is considered to be the best practice and it has experienced a paradigm shift from optimization of clicks to optimization for conversions. Of course, that’s one step taken in the right direction, however, Cost per Lead is only an indicator and not a measure of the success of your PPC campaign. Now, the problem is that narcissist metrics like CPL never guarantee profitability. You may come across 100s of PPC campaigns that depict phenomenal CPL yet the base problem is these aren’t profitable. True that CPL can be a good campaign health marker, but what’s the point if the campaign ain’t worth running?

What to do?

Rather than stressing over CPL, focus on profitability. In order to do that, you must tie your PPC campaign data through to the baseline. The idea is to figure out the keywords that will ensure the lowest Cost Per Sale, the ad copy that produces the maximum ROI and the search terms that bring in maximum revenue. So, the most effective way to tackle this sort of tracking up is via CRM (Customer Relationship Management) such as Marketo, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, and others. If the truth is told, this process would require the same effort, however, the results produced will have a grave effect on how you approach the PPC advertising. Bottom line is, getting your profitability metrics requires some extra work however it does empower you with the knowledge that is required by you to make the decisions that result in the success of your campaign.

Reason #2 – Keyword Overload

Always remember that the 80/20 rule very well applies to your PPC campaign. On an average, the PPC account of most brands produces majority of its sales from only 12% of its keywords. Yes, that’s right! So, if your account is also like one of those average AdWords accounts, the truth is only 12% of your keywords are responsible for whatever sales you are producing. The nonperforming 88% of the keywords tend to consume 61% of your ad spend. Usually, the most companies know what the good keywords are. The problem lies in the fact that they also bid on a couple of other keywords in the hope of acquiring some extra business. This does not mean that you shouldn’t be doing this but the problem is, this rarely works out.

What to do?

Fortunately, this is one of the easiest things to fix. Firstly, if you are using BROAD MATCH – chuck it off, straight. True that broad match is the default match type however that doesn’t mean that you must use it. Next, you ought to identify the search terms and the budget sucking keywords. In order to do that, you must open your Google AdWords account, click on the Keywords Tab and go to the Search terms. From there, you must create a filter for “Conversions < 1” or something alike. This will tell you how many of your keywords aren’t producing conversions. Once you have this report in hand, you can begin eliminating all the poor performing keywords and rather focus the budget on the keywords which drive real value for your brand.  As a result of this, the overall traffic might see a drop but as you know the wrong traffic never leads to conversion, you may see a higher conversion rate. So, you’ll only be paying for what works for you.

Reason #3 – Limited by Budget

Once again, this is a counter-intuitive reason for the failure of the PPC campaign. Because of being short of budget, you tend to bid less. The higher you bid, more will be the cost per click. This is true however there is one more factor that you ought to take into consideration. Ad rank and Click through rate go hand in hand. With a rise in the ad rank, the number of clicks also increase. Guess what? When you are starting a campaign, the basic agenda is to acquire more clicks. The longer you spend in getting clicks, the longer it will take for you to figure out which keywords, landing pages, and ad copy produce the most significant results. If you slowly increase the bids, you tend to spend more on bad keywords and ads. More so, you end up losing potential conversions to the poor performers. So, if you think slowly increasing the bids is your way to launching a campaign, Think Again! This strategy actually makes you lose money in the long run.

What to do?

It’s easy, instead of starting low and making your way up, it is better to start high, analyze the data that you need and then dial back. For instance, if Google recommends bidding $ 10, you must go ahead and bid around $ 30 to $ 50. With this, your actual CPC will rise by a couple of bucks however you’ll get the click volume that is needed by you too quickly decide whether or not the campaign strategy is profitable or not. Please know that this strategy will work for you only if you have got a compelling and consistent funnel set up for your campaign. In case your landing pages, keywords, and ad copy aren’t banged on with a compelling offer and a consistent message, you can spend a lot of money and learn very less. When you are experimenting, the objective is to gain viability and not profitability. After you have proven that your campaigns are able to drive sales, you can cut back your bidding strategy and now focus on profits.

Reason #4 – Zero Call Tracking

For several brands and companies, especially the brands working towards lead generation campaigns, the phone calls happen to be the most important source of sales and leads. However, despite leads having a significant importance and the availability of different call tracking platforms such as Google’s Call Forwarding Feature, most of the companies are still not able to track their phone calls effectively. In case, you aren’t able to track your calls, you really can’t tell which channels are producing which sales. This means you’ll not be able to tell which of your campaigns are truly profitable.

What to do?

Favorably, the call tracking feature is relatively easy to implement. For this, all you need to do is use a call forwarding number in your ad copy call extensions. This will help you record calls right from the ad group level. You can also do this, by employing a simple code on your site that directly places your calls from the website displayed number to the forwarding number. It will directly help you track the campaigns that generated the calls from your web portal. In order to work on this, you can associate the calls, ads, and keywords with the actual sales. For this, you can implement the use of platforms such as Five9 or Call Tracking Metrics which will integrate smoothly with the CRM. This may require an extra bit of effort from your end but this measure of call tracking will produce a humongous change in the PPC results.

Reason #5 – Duplicated Ad Copy

Did you ever ponder how all the PPC ads for a search may come across as the variation of a theme? True, these may all seem like competing for the same search intent however it gets hard for you to gain recognition when you sound and look like everyone else. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with learning from your competition but most of the PPC account managers only end up writing ads that are similar to those of the competitor’s ads. Now the problem is, despite you being on the top of the page, you won’t get any attention if you fail to stand out from the rest.

What to do?

In order to come up with a standout ad copy, you must focus on the pain point for which you are offering a solution to your target audience. You need to get the pain point directly in your copy. It is a good idea if you can experiment with a couple of creative ideas to address that pain point but in the process, you must not ignore the point. Always know that the audience is only seeking companies that understand their problems and have a solution for the same.

Final Say

It is these 5 principal reasons why most of the Pay Per Click campaigns fail. As a result of this, companies lose some thousands to millions of sum each month. Favorably, if you employ these simple fixes as suggested above, you can work on a poorly performing campaign and metamorphose it into a cash cow.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.


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wordpress plugin

20 WordPress plugins for 2017 that can turn your site into an SEO powerhouse!

Search engines are said to be the most important source of traffic generation for a majority of websites. This is the reason why many users keep enquiring about the SEO plugins and tips that can be useful in improving SEO of the WordPress sites.
Are you on a lookout for few WordPress plugins that are majorly used by WordPress experts? If yes, you have finally arrived the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss 20 handpicked WordPress plugins that will turn your site into an SEO powerhouse. Please know that choosing the best plugin for your WordPress site will only assure that your day to day life is made easier. In this manner, you’ll also be able to deliver a better experience for your users too. Having said that, let’s take a look at the top 20 WordPress Plugins for 2017.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast


SEO by Yoast is not only an SEO plugin but rather an absolute website optimization package. Besides being able to add description and title to the articles, this plugin also allows you to do page analysis, add open graph metadata, publish XML sitemap, and a lot more. This plugin in extremely easy to install and setup and that’s the reason all developers use it on their websites.

2. Ad Sanity


Another must have WordPress plugin is Ad Sanity. It is an ad management plugin that is focussed on assuring ease of use. Adding new ads in the Ad Sanity is pretty much similar to adding a post. The plugin comes with shortcodes and widgets in order to support the display ads to help you display ads in posts, sidebars, and pages. Using this, you can either create time-based ads that only run for a specific time frame or infinite ads that keep running unless you remove them. This also comes with stats that helps you note clicks and ad views. For those seeking to display advertisement in WordPress, this plugin can be used.

3. Display Widgets


There may be times when you might wish to display or hide a widget on some specific pages. Using the Display Widgets, you can easily hide or show the widgets on certain specific posts or pages. This even helps you in choosing to show the widgets only to the logged in users and hide the same from all the others.

4. Thirsty Affiliates

For those seeking to make affiliate marketing as one of the prime sources of income on the site, this plugin tool can be of great help. It will allow you to easily cloak links, add affiliate links, export the links and even auto insert on certain keywords.

5. Soliloquy

Want the best WordPress slider? Opt for Soliloquy which happens to be an essential slider plugin in the market. Most of the slider plugins tend to slow down the website and this definitely hurts your SEO. This one, on the other hand, is the fastest and the most responsive slider plugin which loads the sliders at a very high speed.  The plugin comes packed with features so if you wish to give it a try, try out its free version, right away.

6. Term Management Tools


Tags and categories in addition to the custom taxonomies play a vital role in how you sort the content of your website. However, there are few beginners who have no idea about the difference between tags and categories but the SEO is best practiced by using them. This is when the term management tools come handy. Using this plugin, you can merge and bulk edit the custom taxonomies, tags and categories.

7. WP Mail SMTP


Given the configuration settings on few of the WordPress hosting providers, there may be a chance that your WordPress emails aren’t reaching you. In order to get rid of this problem, you will need the WP Mail SMTP plugin. Using this plugin, you can use an SMTP server to be able to send your WordPress emails rather than the PHP’s mail function. Not to forget, you can also use the SMTP server of Gmail to be able to send your WordPress emails.

8. Table Press

The WordPress post editor does not come with an inbuilt option to create the tables. So, if you wish to insert tables in WordPress, then you can use the Table Press plugin for that. Using this plugin, you can create tables within WordPress and add the same to your pages, posts, and even Widgets. From here, you can also export the table data if you need.

9. Envira Gallery

Do you run a photography site? Do you have a site that requires a lot of images? If yes, Envira Gallery is the plugin you may need. It is responsive WordPress gallery plugin that helps you in creating beautiful image based galleries with a couple of powerful image based effects, responsive design, and easy navigation. The best thing about this plugin is that it loads brilliantly fast and looks pretty on just about every device. You can opt for its free version called Envira Gallery Lite.

10. Edit Flow


In order to get an efficient editorial workflow on WordPress, you can use the Edit Flow plugin. This will help you see your editorial calendar, assign posts, leave editorial comments, manage authors, and more. Using this, you can even create your own custom post status and plan the content strategy within in the WordPress dashboard.

11. WP Touch


The WP Touch offers a mobile suite for WordPress which gives your site the essential capabilities and powerful features that even the most responsive themes fail to match. If you wish to come up with a mobile version of your portal, then WP Touch can be of the biggest help. It comes packed with built in support for custom content, mobile-advertising, and e Commerce. More importantly, WP touch also allows you to offer an app for your site without having to use the App Store.

12. Floating Social Bar


A number of social media plugins for the WordPress sites come with a lot of bloats. With unnecessary scripts and a number of social networks that nobody wants your website tends to slow down. That is when Floating Social Bar is what you need. It is the best social media plugin. Using this, you can add only a handful of social networks, those that really matter. It is efficiently optimized for speed so your social buttons won’t slow down your site.

13. Backup Buddy


The second WordPress Plugin that you must install for SEO is Backup Buddy. It is the most beginner friendly WordPress migration and backup plugin. This allows you to quickly setup the automatic backup schedule for your portal. Using this plugin, you can store your backups on the cloud and sleep with ease knowing that your content is very well backed up.

14. Login Lockdown


By default, a user is allowed to try to login into the site in umpteen number of attempts as desired. Most of the hack attempts largely depend on breaking into the site’s admin area by using the password lists. Limit Login Attempts helps put a limit on the number of times a user can try to login into the site. After passing the given number of login attempts, this plugin locks down the admin area for a limited span of time.

15. W3 Total Cache

Most of you already know how important the speed of the site is for its ranking on search engine. The W3 Total Cache Plugin helps you optimize your WordPress site for both performance and speed. It allows you to compress pages for quicker downloads, do browser caching, setup a content delivery network for your static files and easily setup the page.

16. Disqus

The WordPress’ default commenting system works only for the websites that have fewer visitors. However, if you have a portal that receives larger visitors with a variety of user comments, you ought to use the Disqus commenting system. This is a third party commenting system that means that the comments on the website will not affect the server. More so, Disqus will not affect the page speed of your site since it comes equipped with an anti spam filter.

17. WP Forms


WP Forms is the best and the most beginner friendly contact form WordPress plugin for SEO. It is an online drag and drops form building which allows you to easily create email subscription forms, contact forms, payment forms, order forms, as well as another type of online forms in just a few clips.

18. Optin Monster

One of the most effective marketing tools for your business portals is Email Marketing and certainly the best plugin for this is Optin Monster. It is regarded as the best lead generation plugin for WordPress. Using this plugin, you can create amazing optin forms as well as pop ups for your WordPress website. This will, in turn, help you convert your users into subscribers. The plugin comes packed with several features such as split testing, analytics, page level targeting and exit intent technology that helps you display a form when a user is set to leave your site. This plugin definitely works out of the box with the abundant marketing services that it assures.

19. Compact Archives

By default, WordPress has the tendency to create a long bulleted list of all of your monthly archives. When you have already been blogging for a while, adding the monthly archives would make the users scroll a lot. This problem can be resolved with the use of Compact Archives as it can display your monthly archive in one compact block.

20. Sucuri

Want to monitor the security of your websites? It is time to install Sucuri! Any website that is on the internet can get hacked or can be attacked by the malicious denial of the service attacks. It is thus important to be prepared than sorry. Using this plugin, you can help you get real time alerts, effective malware removal service and website security scanner.

Final Say

These are the 20 most popular WordPress plugins that can boost the SEO of your site. If you can think of any other plugin that assures a good SEO ranking, do let us know about it in the comment section below.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.


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5 Easy tips to improve the quality of B2B leads!

Imagine a situation, you have spent several thousands of dollars into your big Pay Per Click (PPC) search campaign and you have also managed to bag a substantial degree of leads. So, that should mean you are rocking your conversion rates and the cost per lead is also good. What could the problem be then? The problem comes in when you begin analyzing the results and ponder a little deeper. That is when you’ll realize that a humongous amount of these leads are in general ‘junk leads’. Only a few of these may be turning into opportunities let alone the customers. The bottom line is you are perhaps not availing a healthy ROI. So, what should you be doing? You must probably find ways to improve the quality of B2B leads. Before we get to that, you must know what is a quality lead.

What is a quality lead?

In the real sense, the definition of quality leads is variable. Speaking of personal experience, the most common requirement is that an acceptable percentage of leads pass the sales funnel and actually convert into ‘sales opportunity’. In other words, quality leads are the leads that are deemed worthy of the sales resource along with continual follow-up.

5 important tips that will help you work on the quality of your B2B leads

1. Understand Inquiries v/s Leads

  • Firstly, you must track and evaluate the raw Inquires as well as the accepted leads. Raw Inquires involve every contact record that is generated via your marketing program. On the other hand, the accepted leads are the subset of the raw inquiries and comprise of desirable and legitimate contact details.
    For instance, before presenting all inquiries into a lead tracking system, several companies tend to eliminate the records that contain non-bonafide names, phone numbers, email addresses or the inquiries that relate to the current customers,   competitors, consultants or students which may not be your target audience. Also, here the marketers can eliminate the inquiries that do not fall in your service area.
  • Secondly, the B2B marketers must work out a way to analyze the cost associated with both accepted leads and raw inquiries. Post that, only those inquiries must be loaded in the lead systems and undergo a follow-up activity.
  • Given all of this, there is still a possibility that for multiple programs B2B firms manage, it may not be uncommon to experience a lead acceptance rate of only 50%. This may be especially true for the firms that deal with niche specific markets.
  • If you too are facing a situation like this, it is important to understand the inquiry to accepted lead ratio critically. The CPC (cost per conversion) or CPI (cost per inquiry) as noted by your PPC account manager or by Google Analytics is not a reflective of the Cost Per Lead. In actual terms, when you get a 50% acceptance rate, your true Cost per Lead is twice the reported CPC.


2. Implement A Lead Grading System

Next, you can implement a lead grading system. This is one of the most common techniques where you can rank the leads in the A, B, C, D format. The sales and the B2B marketing team must jointly determine a suitable grading system.

For instance:

  • Leads would include the inquiries that possess the highest sales potential. This may include large companies that have a significant purchasing power in your desired geographic area or a targeted market zone.
  • B leads might include those that have been acquired from slightly smaller firms that are still in your market.
  • C leads would include those that are associated with companies which possess the potential but may not directly fall in your target market.
  • D leads would include some follow ups but they aren’t seen as high potential

3. Come Up With A Marketing Sales Feedback Loop

One of the key aspects of lead generation is communication and communication between a marketing and sales team are crucial. This is especially true for companies that have long and complex sales cycles. The B2B marketers can’t wait that long for a sale to be complete for them to assess the quality of a lead. Moreover, the data will get stale so it would be pointless to use that data to actively manage a real-time program like search. So, to work right, it is extremely important for you to receive direct feedback from the sales team. On the basis of this, the marketers can understand which leads can be qualified as good and will make through the sales funnel. It can be a good idea to evaluate, review and update the leads on monthly basis by the sales team. These must be then shared with the marketing team so as to complete the lead quality feedback loop. It has been noted the time and again that marketers are often amazed to know that the keywords and campaigns which generate a high volume of leads and inquiries are usually not the same words that generate high-quality leads.


4. Identify Marketing vs. Sales Leads

Besides, lead grading, there is another technique that works to improve the quality of leads that is identifying sales leads from the marketing leads.

  • Sales Leads: Sales leads are usually the prospects who further go on in the buying process. They are closer to making a purchase decision. In terms of budget, needs and project timelines, these leads are the ones that are ready to interact with a sales executive.
  • Marketing Leads: Marketing Leads are usually the ones that need to be cultivated over time so as to persuade them to interact with the sales executive. These prospects may be highly qualified however they are a little early in the buying cycle and demand additional resources and information.

By being able to analyze and categorize the leads in this manner, the marketers will be able to treat the prospects appropriately as they proceed through the buying process. This will ensure that the sales team dedicates its precious time, resources and attention only on the right prospects.


5. Evaluate Quality At A Granular Level

Lastly, the B2B marketers must evaluate not only the quantity of the inquiries generated but also the quality of the resulting leads. This can be done on the basis of the Return on Investment and sales results. You must conduct this analysis at the granular level that is by keyword, ad group, and campaign. Only then will the search marketers be appropriately able to manage all the keywords based on the word’s ability to generate qualified (graded) prospects, inquiries, sales-ready leads, accepted registrations and finally profit, revenue, and more customers.

Hopefully, with these 5 easy tips, the quality of your B2B leads will improve for the good.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.


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Are you an SEO Professional? Use these 10 Free Google tools to be on the top

Whether you think of yourself as a content marketer, SEO marketer or an online marketer, the Digital Marketing industry has a typical love-hate relationship with Google. However, no matter what you think of the big G, there is a myriad of free tools that come with significantly helpful data. If used prudently, these can certainly help accelerate your digital marketing efforts. Unfortunately, Google has this consistent habit of either revoking back a couple of its tools or charging for its previously free tools. So, here is the 2017’s revised list of 10 free Google SEO tools that you must consider. Using one, two or all of them is indeed going to prove helpful for an SEO Professional.

1. Google Search Console

In case you wish to make use of only one tool from this entire list of 10, then Google Search Console could be an ideal choice. Previously known as the Webmaster Tools, this tool is more or less equivalent to giving your site a regular service. This is majorly used to keep everything running smoothly and spot the bigger issues with ease. You must see how many pages are indexed, check out if your site has a manual penalty, test your structured data or robots.txt file, identify broken links and crawling issues, analyze download links, and a lot more, all for free. This in a way is a peek into how Google regards the significant elements of your web portal.


2. Google Analytics

There’s possibly no SEO professional who isn’t aware of the frustration of the keyword data. However, a bit of it is resolved via Google Analytics. This SEO Tool presents a huge advantage for your site. It helps you analyze user experience, content, the success of your PPC campaigns and more. If the truth is told, if you are an SEO professional who is not using his analytics right, you are certainly going to be behind your competition no matter what you do. Over the years, several changes have come up in Google Analytics, however, it still remains just as popular. The tool is also facing a constant competition from the alternatives such as WebTrends, Clicky, Omniture, Open Web Analytics, and others.


3. Google AdWords and Keyword Planner

Another SEO tool that has undergone substantial and often the most saddening change in the past year is the Google AdWords and Keyword Planner. However, it still remains the principal source for many when it comes to analyzing the keyword volumes even if the other tools may be used for generating the seed lists. The new planner which was earlier more Keyword focused is today more PPC focused. As a result of this, the suggested keywords that you see are often so broad that they may seem useless initially. However, if used right, this tool can help you reap insignificant results.


4. Google Trends

Google Trends is undoubtedly a great tool for comparing the traffic for different search terms including the geographic, historic and related terms data. Now, the matter of the fact is you need to understand if a term is a falling or rising element of your topic’s vocabulary. This is necessary for creating lucrative content, all for free.


5. Google Consumer Surveys

On of the most quintessential aspect of any business or brand is understanding the audience. It is a key to making a great website which serves all their needs. Honestly, surveys can cost you a lot of money, however, the Google’s Consumer Surveys is an absolutely free tool for measuring the site satisfaction. Using this survey, you can get valuable information on how the users perceive the site as well as their experience of the site. This can be particularly helpful when you are testing a new content category or site design.


6. Page Speed Insights

In the year 2010, Google made a formal announcement that the speed of the site has become detrimental in the search ranking algorithms. Post that subsequent studies were conducted. These have very well proven that the speed of the site does have an impact on the visibility of the site. Fortunately, there does exist a way to create a couple of suggestions for your development team or client without you having to be a professional coder. The Page Speed Tools of Google includes Page Speed Insights browser extension for both Firefox and Chrome.


7. Content Experiments

What was once known as the Google Website Optimizer is today popularly known as the Google Analytics Content Experiments? At present, it is a part of Google Analytics and does not operate as a stand-alone tool. However, it still continues to offer an easy, free and an excellent way to test, optimize and measure the site. This tool ties in with the goals that you have formed in Google Analytics. It will further help you put forth the different variations of a page to the users. This means that you analyze the headlines colors, layouts, content and more to find the optimum layout. As Conversion Rate Optimization has become a common part of the digital marketing, this can be a good way to experience for yourself much before you make an investment in an agency.


8. Google Places for Business

Seeking another method that not just leads to extra search visibility but also generates higher traffic? You can do this by getting yourself a local listing. This can be done by using Google+ Local, Google’s Local facilities and Places for Business. So, does that mean you ought to be using multiple tools? Typically, yes! Though confusing, it is important for you to know that there are 2 different methods to achieve a local presence. When you have a Google Places, listing, you get control over the information that is displayed in the Google Maps which is then used as part of the local results. The pages of the Google + Business look more or less the same but help you post news, engage with the other local businesses and more.


9. Google Alerts

When speaking of the Free Google SEO Tools, how can we miss out on Google Alerts? Time and again, the reliability of Google Alerts has been questioned however, there’s absolutely no doubt on the fact that it does hold an important place in several online content creator’s and marketers heart. With the use of Google Alerts, you can keep an eye on your chosen topic and avail regular updates from Google on the latest index updates. Common uses of the Google Alerts include keeping an eye on any latest news on any company or topic of interest or finding the non-linking citations of your brand.


10. Tag Manager

The most common setback in digital marketing could be because of the delay that may be caused as a result of waiting in the line for development time. This is when the Google’s Tag manager comes into the picture. It will help you in updating most of the common site tags. This happens to be a more advanced and updated tool and the benefits of it are usually gigantic. Once you install the code on the site, a vast array of common marketing tags can be edited and updated without using any other code update. Tag Manager offers support for custom macros, debug console, URL, event and referrer based tags.


Final Say

These are the ten important SEO tools that you can use for free from Google. Right from content creation to keyword research and on-page optimization, Google offers a lot for the benefit of SEO Professional. Are you making proper use of these SEO tools? Besides, the ones listed above, do you use any other free Google SEO tools? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Did you find this article helpful? Do let us know in the comments below.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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Sell Handicrafts Online

A Complete Guide to Sell Handicrafts Online

Indian ecommerce is going to be a billion dollar business in 2015. So, why not take advantage of this rage and sell handicrafts online. Indian handicrafts are popular not only with Indian audiences but also with international audiences. Indian handicraft is a labor intensive industry, which is widely spread in rural as well as urban area.

Selling handicrafts are a challenging business. Especially, with the advent of cheap Chinese products, Indian handicrafts are taken for granted. Still, there is a cluster of the audience who are still inclined towards hand made products. Therefore, reaching the correct audience is important. Since, your physical store doesn’t have the bandwidth to reach a large number of audience, creating an ecommerce website and sell handicrafts online is a great option.

Sell Handicrafts Online: Taking the First Step

Where should I start my online handicraft store? If this question is bothering you, then here is the answer to it.

Determine Product Source

Before you step into the business of selling Indian handicrafts, it is necessary that you need to filter the product categories in which you will deal. If you run a physical business of making and manufacturing Indian handicrafts, then there is no further discussion needed.

However, if you are starting from scratch, then you need to decide the product categories. Whether you want to create an online store that sells “almost” every handicraft product or just want to deal with exclusive categories. You can do a market research on it. Partner with craftsmen or Indian handicraft store that can provide your products. You can also go to Indian handicraft fair or places like Dilli Haat. Sign a merchant agreement with them after deciding the product price and delivery date & time.

Do a Market Research

It is a must do part of running any online business. Before you start your online business, always do a market research about the product, which you are going to sell. This will help you plan your business strategy, in terms of website design, product demand, available product and category, marketing strategy and much more. Checks out what product are being sold by your competitors and at what price. Figure out the hits and miss of their store and plan your ecommerce website keeping them in mind. Also, know your audience to which you will be selling these products, their product demand, feasible prices, and areas where they are mostly located.

Getting Your Product Catalog Ready

The preparing product catalog is both fun and challenging. It’s fun because the products are amazingly beautiful, and challenging because there is a lot of work to be done and taken care of. Let’s look t the important aspects of product cataloging.

1) Category Mapping

If you are selling multiple category products, then you need to make sure that you decide the parent category and sub-category accordingly. This will not only help you to track your product easily, but your audience will be able to check out what they really want by going into the relevant category. List down all the products and decide its category accordingly.

2) Choose Product Price

Product Pricing is extremely important for selling any product online. Include the product’s base price, taxes, shipping charges or any other charges. However, you cannot forget your audience and competitors. Make sure that your product prices are not too high that your audience does not want to buy products and you get kicked out of the industry without any efforts.

3) Get Product Images Clicked

Get your Indian handicrafts come alive with the amazing image. Clicking Indian handicrafts is a tough task. You will need a professional photographer to carry out this work. Get creative with your products by getting images from every angle. Also, you can create an exciting backdrop, in case you are selling home decor or furnishing items.

4) Writing Product Descriptions
The next work in preparing your product catalog is writing product descriptions. After images, a product description is a next thing which your customer will look to judge your products. Write enticing product descriptions which explain your products, quality, material, uses dimensions, etc. Don’t lie or exaggerate about your products just to make them sell. Come clear to your buyers.

Preparing Your Ecommerce Website

Setting up your ecommerce website from the scratch might be a tough task for somebody who is not IT sound. You might need to hire web designers and developers who will create your online store. However, this is a time-consuming process. Therefore, you can go for pre-built design templates which will save a lot of time as well as money. Make sure that you use design templates which are mobile responsive so that it can be accessed from any gadget.

Choose Payment Method

Decide whether you want to integrate payment gateway to accept online payments or COD to accept offline payment or both. While payment gateway will take some time to integrate, you can start accepting COD payment from the second you develop your ecommerce website. If you are willing to sell handicrafts online to the international audience, make sure that you do have a secured payment gateway like PayPal to accept international payment easily.

Shipping Your Handicraft Products Safely

There is nothing worse than a shipment delivered at the wrong address or with the wrong/damaged product/s. This surely takes a toll on your brand and your customer might not trust you again. This will affect your sales and potential customers. Therefore, it is necessary that you ship your products properly. Choose packaging material according to the product type. If the product is delicate and breakable, then you need to take extra packaging care. But, make sure that you don’t make your package too big as it will increase your shipping cost.

Marketing Indian Handicrafts Online

Unlike a physical store, the reach of your online store is more. However, you need to do your homework to drive the audience to your store. For this, you need to carry out various marketing tactics so that you can increase your sales and sell products.

1) Search Engine Optimization

Choose relevant keywords with maximum searches and minimum competition, include these keywords in your site content and product description. Also, use these keywords to carry out SEO marketing so that your audience can search your store on the search engine. It is free but time taking.

2) Email Marketing

Got email IDs of your potential customer? Great! Showcase your products and offers attractive discounts and wait for buyers to flood into your store. Get your handicrafts directly to your customer’s inbox directly.

3) Paid Advertisements

To reach more audience easily, spend some money and start your paid advertisement using Facebook or Google. You can choose your target area and audience and run advertisements within your budget. Don’t forget to attach an attractive image alongside to attract more audience.

4) Selling On Third Party Sites

Choose between affiliate marketing or selling on marketplaces to drive more traffic to your online store. While affiliate websites will increase sales on your website and your brand name will be highlighted, selling on marketplaces will increase your sales without spending too much money on marketing. However, it will not help in brand visibility.

5) Sell Indian Handicrafts Internationally

If you want to sell handicrafts online not only in India but also abroad, then you need to make certain changes in your website as well as your marketing strategy. To know more about selling products internationally, click here.

Was this helpful? Got any queries on selling handicrafts online? Do leave your comments below!

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.


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How To Activate In-built Browser Push Feature on KartRocket Store!

If you are a true marketer, chances are you’ve heard of Browser Push. In the world full of apps and websites vying for our attention, Browser Push always and forever seek our attention through pop-ups. But now, what exactly are Browser Push notifications?

Browser Push notifications are messages that you can send to your customers or visitors on their desktops or devices even when the web page is not open. Simply put, it gives you an opportunity to re-engage with your website visitors & customers through little messages. These Browser Push notifications work same as Mobile Push notifications do. For instance, do you remember when you received a message of “Great Indian Sale” from Amazon on your smartphone even though you haven’t opened the app for weeks? Or let’s also take an example of Snapdeal’s “Diwali Unbox Sale,” even those messages were popped-up when you see notifications on your smartphone, right?

So basically, Browser Push works in the same way – just when a person is on Desktop. Now, have you ever why do you need to use them? If yes, then let’s answer your question.

Somehow, these Browser Push notifications are the best and most effective way to attract the customers you want or to regain back the attention from existing customers. They provide businesses with an opportunity to be in touch with their customers every time they come online.


Marketers are always looking for the best way to engage customers with the brand and break the barriers to expanding their businesses. Emails, in-browser messages, and social media are the helpful platforms that support you to grow your business but, all these too have their own limitations.

Browser Push notifications act like a game changer in the stereotype marketing world. We are glad to announce that this feature comes as an add-on to your existing plan you simply need to activate this from your back end. We’ve included lot of bundled marketing features in your plan. To get the complete understanding of the available marketing features, click here.

There are default templates that we have scheduled to make things simple but you have the control to change certain settings.

List of automated Browser Push campaigns active on KartRocket panel

  • New Arrivals on Mondays

These browser push notifications keep your existing customers updated with the new products added to your store’s catalog.

  • Trending products on Thursdays

Trending products helps your customer stay updated with the latest trends and fashion

Here’s how you can activate the feature

  1. Login to your store admin panel, click here
  2. Navigate to Marketing > Re-engage section


  1. Click on “Browser Push” tab
  2. Toggle the status “ON” to activate the automatic browser push feature


P.S. You can only activate the feature once you are logged in with the admin credentials.

Final Words –

Cut down the clutter from your marketing efforts and focus on Browser Push notifications as a new trending marketing strategy. With restrictions and low opening rate of boring Email campaigns, Browser Push may help you reach great heights along with great revenues.

Watch out this space to get the better understanding of the advanced features we’ve in the admin panel. You can also write to us on shalini.bisht@kartrocket.com or call 011-39595108 for any queries.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.


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Here’s how you can find a guest posting gig!

Guest posting is the act of publishing your blog on someone else’s blog. It is a great way to spread information about your brand. You have the chance and opportunity to voice your brand in front of a separate website audience and what helps the most is they give you a boost in search engine optimization. The transaction either happens in exchange for payment or the other blogger wanting to post a blog on your website. Many people have difficulties in publishing their blogs in another website so below are some tips that will come handy while searching for guest posting:

Search on Google

Well, it is not a surprise that Google will come to our aid regarding this problem too. It is the easiest option to find sites where you can write or people that maybe be interested in writing in yours. Plenty of websites out there sends open invitation to people, to write for them. All the different kinds of advertisements clearly call out to different kinds of content and some also encourage a third party writing for them. Simply use the key phrases like ‘guest posts’, ‘write for us’, ‘submit content’. Like for instance if your plan industry concerns travel and tourism, search using the phrases like ‘travel bloggers write for us’.


Contact editors

The only one who can decide to put your name up on a book or the site is the editor. He is the guard of every publication house and without convincing about your content to the editor you will proceed nowhere. Do a thorough research before you plan on contacting any. Have a quick look at their LinkedIn profiles. Try to understand the kind of work each of them indulges in. That will give you the definitive idea of how to win them over.


Convince with your content

In order to please the editor of the page make sure you have your content right. You may butter him up to read your mail but more than the way of approaching, the material that you approach with must be equally convincing and solid so as to please the boss. In fact cut to the chase, mail your content straight away to the editor. It shows a bold statement proving that you believe in pleasing with your material and also shows the amount of confidence in you. This step might seem tricky and risky for some as it involves the risk of directly putting your ideas in front of someone without having the surety that it will make its way to the site. But nonetheless, this is a strong and a bold step for any guest writer.

Adopt their style

A sure and effective way to have your article posted in your desired website is to get the hang of their style and content. The main reason behind this fact that editors do try to maintain the parity in terms of content and types of articles that are being put up on their website. So, make sure you scrutinize the web content of their site and prepare your content according to the style that suits the best for the website. This is a sure shot way to get your work up on the page.


Make use of your audience

Involve your audience. You may not be aware but any one of your daily readers may be associated with the different website in the same industry you are working for. And in order to do that use your mailing lists and social media handles to advertise you wish to publish your content on some other website. Also, a great and a more direct way to have people approach you as a guest blogger are to directly post your advertisement on your site asking editors to get in touch with you.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.


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Learn SEO Tactics

Top Myths About SEO – SEO Tactics De-Mystified Part -1

Unethical SEO or SEO Scam

Most agency out there today out there are just looking to make quick money and are no bothered about actual need of the client or looking to help them. They charge the little amount of money which seems nominal to the client. But what the clients they are paying money for nothing really. It’s appalling to see or hear people putting their hard earned money into something which is never going to give them any returns. KartRocket advice pick agency or SEO packages basis the services they would deliver and the impact it would have on your business not on the price only.

Ethical SEO would always give the result when SEO is done in the right manner it would start showing results in the first few months itself.  Investment in SEO is a must and it has to be done in the right manner with the right earnest.

Google Will Do The Work For Us

Some of the merchants think that all they need is to launch a website and then Google would do the rest.  The concept of creating as many URL as possible and then feeding it to Google Search Console would get you traffic and ranking is not going to happen.  The actual reality is that Google & other search engines are looking to give the best experience to the users while searching for results. They are looking for pages with unique content and which would value to the user if they land on the page. The concept is simple to create pages which would add value to your site and would be also beneficial for the visitors of the website.

SEO is a One Time Thing

We hear so many people say that we had SEO done for a month and that was the end of that. They think this one-time activity would reap benefits for a long time. It actually quite the reverse, SEO is an on-going activity which needs to be done regularly in order to sustain rankings and traffic. Also, it’s is required to keep doing SEO to tackle things like:

Google Updates

New Competitors

Link Rot

Note: There might be cases where website owner might be getting more business than they can handle thus in such cases one Time SEO can be sufficient but for all other situations it is advisable to have an on-going SEO work for the website.

The Age of Link Building Is Over

We agree that old age strategy of doing excesses amount of link building is over but that does not mean that link building is dead! We believe that it has evolved and thus lead to the decline of manipulative & nonrelevant links.  They way that link building works now is it has been very specific, quality based & with a scaled down approach. In fact, the modern link building yields result much faster. Natural links and content which help attract such links is the way forward.

We should rank for a generic keyword

Now we all like the idea of our website showing up on top rank for the generic keyword like “shopping” in the case of an eCommerce website. They think this would get them all the traffic they want which would get them the orders they need to keep the business afloat.  First of all, it is very difficult to rank in such generic terms and secondly even if we do rank; due to the lack of intent would lead no transactions. Thus it’s total loss situation. The right way to go about this by selecting a wide variety of long tail intent based keyword which would generate equal or more amount traffic which would help drive transaction on your eCommerce website.

Meta Tags Are Thing Of The Past

First, let us introduce you to what exactly Meta tags are:

Meta tags are used by webmasters to provide search engines information about their sites.

These tags are used to tell the search engines what a page is about, also gives the user an idea what kind of information to expect when they land on the page. People who write about the Meta tags have little or no impact on the search rankings are clearly mistaken.

The Meta tag is divided into 3 parts:




Leading SEO experts have validated and voiced that title tags play a pivotal role in getting the rankings for the website. The description tag plays a role in improving the CTR for the results that are displayed on your website. The impact of the keyword tag is less now nullified.

My website has enough content. Why should I push more content then?

We don’t even know where to start on this. Not creating fresh content on your website is such a big sin that it would hurt the organic results so badly that it would be tough to recover from it. Every ethical SEO expert knows the importance of pushing content on the website. Relevant and fresh content on the website is one of the best ways to garner more traffic for your website. Once you start populating your website with good quality content, you would see an increase in the traffic for the site. Supported with a little bit of off page activities for the content. The impact would be multiplied.

Branding has nothing to do with SEO

Branding or brand name keyword optimization is one of the most important elements of SEO optimization. Having brand visibility across the web has multiple level impact. First, builds brand recall which also impacts the direct traffic for the website. Brand name anchor links help improve the domain authority and also which in turn helps improve the rankings for the website across the web.

KartRocket, provides complete SEO packages for both On & Off page activities. We ensure that we follow all the best practices for Search engine optimization. We ensure that we give preference to quality vs quantity for all our customers.


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