The Impact Of Petty Expenses On Your Online Business

Have you so far been wondering how to start an online business in India? Well, needless to say, owing to the enormous success of top eCommerce sites in India, it appears as a productive and rewarding opportunity to most business people. Doing business online has now become a cakewalk in the literal sense, such that it is no longer the monopoly of the rich or the resourceful and even an ordinary person with no work experience can run a company with a handful of resources.

The buzz about online business

When an entrepreneur is struck with the question of how to do business online, he is left stung with the idea of having a web presence in the first place. As easy and lucrative as it sounds, the delicate areas of any field are not as easy to crack. With the immense experience that one can gain by referring some of the leading online Ecommerce platforms operating in India, it is crucial to extract ideas and a sheer understanding about the functioning of the online business sphere. One simply cannot plunder into the ocean of the internet and expect overnight rewards. There are examples of success and failures both to take a cue from. At the very basic level, one needs to understand the relevance of the products and their pricing, at which he can put up something for sale on an Ecommerce platform.

What is Ecommerce website?

An Ecommerce website is an online platform that provides a medium to conduct business transactions, very similar to the way transactions are made in a brick and mortar shop, but highly sophisticated in comparison. People scroll through the listed products on the online website and add to cart based on a number of factors. In many ways, Ecommerce websites are becoming indispensable, owing to their quick and convenient services and competitiveness. Some of the best Ecommerce websites in India have gained all the fame and reputation, following to their excellent services and dedicated product offering. What you can sell online is a matter of your expertise in the field of business and comprehension concerning upcoming marketing trends. As long as you can bring it online and present value to the customers, you can be sure of gradually hitting benchmarks.

What about the costs?

This is perhaps the one aspect of online business in India that gives a hard time to many entrepreneurs. Not the entire workforce is sufficiently trained to operate software and PCs. They have to be trained thoroughly to manage an online business. Besides, the work performed by them has to be evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that it is correct and free of mistakes. Also, most of the times these days, entrepreneurs are choosing to rent workspaces instead of owning one, which also entails a considerable rental cost. Added to this are some overhead costs, such as electricity bills, water bills and various other miscellaneous charges that are to be met on a monthly basis. All these costs, combined, impose an enormous burden on the businessmen, particularly at the initial stage when the revenues are not churning in. In this case, it can become extremely challenging and competitive to run an online business while maintaining the target of growth and income. For this reason itself, many online business entrepreneurs look forward to getting funded by venture securities and angel investors in order to be able to continue their daily operations.

In the tough times, competition is stark. Those who can stay afloat in the current can actually look forward to success in the long run. For this, it is imperative for every entrepreneur to have a clear understanding of his expenses and returns. Managing these petty expenditures in the initial stages itself can be taxing for running an online business. In no time, you could be looking forward to a huge mound of savings, instead of unruly expenses.

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Social media

Social Media Is Your New Market To Explore

Ecommerce and social media are one of the top trending terms on Google and Twitter lately. The Ecommerce industry or rather a movement is driving the conventional brick and mortar shops to take it to the online space. Social media is bringing newer audiences to the online space and enabling them to visualize the online space in a different way than imagined.

Many Ecommerce websites today rely on effective social marketing for advertising their products and bringing them to customers’ notice. By utilizing the online space offered by social media platforms, Ecommerce platforms have been able to introduce an array of products to the to the customers in a way that most SKUs that are recently launched are brought into notice. As a result, sales for such products ought to increase significantly.

“Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand. “Amy Jo Martin 

Do you know that social channels were responsible for only 1.55 per cent of all the traffic to major Ecommerce websites?

More importantly, Social media is seen as a platform for advertising of products and services. Until now, the rates of conversion and actual sales out of such social media platforms was quite small. However, as Ecommerce industry continues to grow and develop, social media is bound to play a heroic role in enhancing the overall success rate of advertising efforts.

The dawn of change in social media

As ecommerce evolves in every sphere, newer brands and products find their way to the online shelves. In fact, there is a host of goods that people had no idea about for a long time now. Surprisingly, even those products are catching the public eye now and creating demand for them.

Social media is at its peak right now. Everyday, social media platforms like Facebook are adding a significant number of users to their member’s list, and more than 50 percent of these users use Facebook on a daily basis. Most big brands are also taking up the online space, recognising the need for quick and seamless transactions. As a result of these developments, one can easily decipher that social media is indeed meant to play greater roles than now – enhancing the way people use and purchase Ecommerce products. We see all this happening around us daily – most brands and Ecommerce platforms are actively leveraging social media for their advertising needs and sales.

What are the different forms of market places that make up the social media for a customer?

Did you know many forms of marketplaces exist in the current Ecommerce environment? Customers are actively taking to these platforms to increasing their transaction channels. The online marketplace can manifest itself into peer to peer marketplaces – group buying platforms, peer recommendations, user-curated shopping, participatory commerce, social network-driven sales, social commerce and much more.

In many ways, online Ecommerce has been closely associated with social media in a broader and rather indispensable manner, making it a necessary practice for advertising. Now, most social media platforms such as Facebook are offering direct buy options, right form their webpage. Facebook can drive curated ads to their audience, making it almost unlikely for users to avoid looking at those ads.

These social media platforms are the perfect place to fetch product feedback. Even before a customer lands on an Ecommerce web page to explore pricing or evaluate products, he gets immediate access to the opinions of the users.

How’s that so? Yes, social media forums

So, in a way, social media enable users to contribute and even learn for themselves about the utility of several products. Some of the best Ecommerce platforms in India have a dedicated question and answer display and comments section. The users can simply leave their experiences behind. Similarly, most shopping sites in India have a form attached to capture user feedback. Online selling websites rely to a great extent on user feedback to demonstrate the utility of a product to their customers who can be potential buyers.

Social media has been responsible not just for spreading buzz on recent happenings but also for bringing forth new launches through ad campaigns. It is rightly said that when you are not paying for a service, exploit it. Some of the best Ecommerce websites in India capitalise on this very concept.

As of now, Ecommerce websites rely on various tools and marketing campaigns to bring their products into notice. However, slowly, as the product range offered becomes familiar among the audience, they will need to give their audience a reason to buy those products, whose novelty would’ve also become stale. Here is where social media takes on. It is meant to remind the users why they need a particular product – through interactive GIFs, Videos, Poll questions, Blog Posts, Visuals, and Live Podcasts (Facebook/Instagram Live). As a result, in the coming days, the use of social media is only going to grow for the fact that it acts as a critic cum deal breaker.

Do you know?

KartRocket has empowered more than 5000 entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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5 Ways To Ace The Fashion Blog

You might just wake up one day and think ‘today I am going to write a fashion blog’. But what to write and how to write are problems that will take weeks to solve. Fashion blogging is much more than just writing about clothes and accessories. It is the sneak-peek into the blogger’s individualistic way of looking at fashion. With these 5 tips, fashion blogging will be a cakewalk for you

A theme

It is important to choose a theme and curate content around it. Though you can choose the theme at your own will but people will only sit up and take notice if your theme is unique. You cannot just end up writing about the top runway trends. Be more specific and discrete. Fashion for moms-to-be or the highs of vintage fashion can be great topics to begin with. But also remember to select the theme as per your own domain of knowledge and expertise. It is pointless to write an amateurish blog

Know your readers

Yes it is necessary to understand which set of audience will actually read your blog. Is it the mother or the daughter? Or the guy next door? Who is it for? Understanding their problems and giving solutions to them is a sure shot formula to a winning blog. Writing for a niche set of audience is far more challenging than writing for mass readers. But even if your topic is generic, it should have the relatability factor.

Power-punch titles

There is a difference between “how to wear a scarf” and “5 ways to wear a scarf”. While the first title sounds basic and common, the second title gives an impression of a comprehensive guide. Title is the first thing people notice, so you should make it worth-noticing. Don’t write long titles, people will lose interest halfway. Keep it short and crisp.

The look and feel of it

A blog with great content but lousy interface can put off a reader. You can source free templates from the internet or design your own if you are familiar Photoshop, Gimp etc. You can also hire a graphic designer to do the same. Also make sure that the images used are copyright free.

Promote your blog

Let people know about your blog by promoting it. Many good blogs go unnoticed due to lack of promotion. There are several ways to promote a blog on digital media and social media being at the top. As that is where your blog will get the maximum number of likes and shares. Other than social media marketing there are

  • Mobile marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Cost per click

These are some of the efficient ways to promote your blog

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KartRocket has empowered more than 5000 entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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How Can I Sell My Product Online?

If you wish to sell online, you must be aware about various ways around online selling in india. These tips will help:

Plan What You Want To Sell

 Plan what you want to sellFor new comers, willing to start selling online, you’re first step is to decide which all products & services you want to sell online. You can either sell unique products or sourced ones that you’ve procured from drop shippers or third party vendors.

Identify Your Target Audience

Research your market well and identify your target audience to understand what’s going on in market and how you should build your strategies around designing, pricing and branding of your store. This will help you to showcase benefits of your products to your potential buyers.

Pick Up Best Ecommerce Website Builder

Pick up an ecommerce platform that is easy to use and handy to launch, in a way that can help you launch your store within few minutes. Most ecommerce platforms come pre-integrated with free payment gateway & stunning designs with mobile responsiveness. Few platforms give an advance features of mobile app that you can use to manage your store and automated shipping solution.

Build & your online storeBuild & Your Online Store

From various ecommerce them options, choose one or simply have a custom design ready for your store that works well for your brand. Add your product categories and inventory details with all the available information that you have. Integrate shipping process and details of payment gateways, in case they are not pre-integrated.

Market Your Store

Once your store is up and ready with all the relevant details, you can start marketing it to your target audience. Nowadays, ecommerce platforms offer an interesting feature of built-in-SEO that helps you to optimize your site for search engines. Touch base with your customers using social media and use paid mediums like PPC ads. Emphasis over conversions and keep modifying your marketing strategies accordingly.

Market your store

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KartRocket has empowered more than 5000 entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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Do keywords actually matter when it comes to Search Engine Optimization?

We have all heard a lot of praises and hails about the whole keyword melodrama in the dictionary of Search Engine Optimization. Keyword research takes a front seat, every time a Search Engine Optimization analyst has to come up with keyword rich content. The job of a Search Engine Optimization expert is inherently connected with ample keyword research. What we typically see most Search Engine Optimization experts doing on an everyday basis, when it comes to working in an SEO environment is making a list of relevant topics to the content and then skipping over to jotting down relevant keywords in relation that topic.

In further addition, a Search Engine Optimization expert can utilize various data and analytics services provided by Google, for making the content more Search Engine Optimized. However, have we ever stopped once to wonder and analyze if this process is, in fact, all the worth? What actually impacts your search engine rankings are your topics and not keywords and this is a rather cemented theory that has erupted from recent data analytics.

The evolution of keyword research

From time to time, technology and internet features witness a change. In the same league and fashion, Search Engine Optimization has also evolved by leaps and bounds. In the present day, keyword research is not as relevant as it used to be. This is the reason why Search Engine Optimization experts are moving on from this conventional process and finding new ways to make their websites rank higher in search results.
Search Engine Optimization is evolving from every facet that is imaginable. Search Engine Optimization is now everything about data tools, keywords, back-links and Google tools. Each of these components overlaps and interact with one another to create a jumble of algorithms that are slowly evolving to give rise to the new Search Engine Optimization culture.

Now the issue at hand for Search Engine Optimization experts is this. What should they explain to their clients about their business and their job? How should they prove to be valuable for the client? If not keywords, then what factors should their business focus on, to create targeted content?

As per latest research and studies, Keywords have proved to be unsuccessful as the sole driving force in optimizing content. As per the recent Hummingbird algorithms used by Google to rank websites, it is quite evident that Google isn’t putting your website on the top, based solely upon the quality of keywords used. Studies have revealed that some of the top rated blogs even did not have a high keyword density or a number of back-links to support Search Engine Optimization goals. Instead, it was discovered that these blogs relied upon acute topic research and holistic content, to make and support Search Engine Optimization targets. So the crux of the study is this, strong content is driving SEO goals in the recent days and not keywords or back-links.

However, this study and its results should not make you think if keyword research is an altogether useless activity. It matters but in the recent days, as it may happen, it has taken a back seat in being targeted as the sole driving force in achieving Search Engine Optimization goals. It can be easily concluded that keywords are just one of the few relevant factors in making your website reach high in organic search results.

How does topic research matter more than keyword research?

Based on many high profile data studies that have been conducted on Google’s behavior, it has been observed that the search engine uses topic relevancy as the base for semantically analyzing search results. Thus, what you need to make your website reach the top spot is to make it rich in topic relevancy and not keyword relevancy.
To get the best of organic search results, Google is actively using different algorithms than those that were previously thought to be useful in analyzing data relevancy. However, does Google let you identify quite easily what you need to use in your content to make it top rated? Nope. Most of the tools offered by Google, won’t do that job for you because they are insufficient for identifying and displaying adequate data that can possibly make sense for a Search Engine Optimisation expert. So, it is definite that Google ranks your website for your topic and not your keywords. However, there are several other tools that are available online, which can help you in the task of understanding Search Engine Optimisation.

The lowdown

So, ultimately, what should you be doing to get your website to rank on top of your competitors? While it may not sound an easy task, Search Engine Optimization can reach new heights if you combine the power of topic research as well as keyword research. This power packed punch can send your website easily on top of those of your competitors.
However, needless to say, topic research is where the real power of all your Search Engine Optimisation efforts lie and should rightly go to! An easy way is to target a strong topic and research apt keywords that match up to that topic. Then, you can utilize the services of various tools to maneuver your website on the top.

This individually researched topic and keyword research should be combined and included in your content to make it actually impact and potential to realize the goals of the whole Search Engine Optimisation activity. In this way, you can bring a positive impact on your search engine results and bring your website on top of others. It is quite easy actually, provided you are able to utilize the right tools and analytics. Data analysis can also prove to be very beneficial in bringing a positive change in this whole exercise.

Final Say

So, why wait, start with topic research today and see the targeted and effective results it is going to yield for your business in a short while itself.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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The technicals of the Google Hummingbird & its analysis

When it comes to employing Search Engine Optimisation algorithms to ongoing content on the web, it comes out as an overall complicated picture. By now, every Search Engine Optimisation expert is aware of Google’s ranking factors, which far more than two hundred in number. Nothing is ever going to come out from Google’s vaults, in terms of information that describes how this ranking is done but that’s what the task of Search Engine Optimisation people is.

For figuring out what puts a website in what rank when someone searches for a particular keyword, a huge amount of data is harvested and used to extract viable information from it. In particular, Hummingbird is of deep interest to many Search Engine Optimisation experts as it is the biggest change in the search algorithms in the recent times. We may even go on to say that every single search that is being conducted, even as you read this, is performed under a holistic control of Hummingbird.

The functioning of Hummingbird

When it came to deciphering the pattern on which this search algorithm ranked web pages, it can be concluded that web pages that offer a comprehensive content on a narrow range of topics rank higher on the search results. This leads to a direct attribution to the fact that better content on a website implies better search result rankings. The specific content listed on a website that happens to directly appeal to the search engine ranking factors and this is what is most important to Hummingbird.

For this reason, most Search Engine Optimisation experts are creating content that suits a hummingbird based and optimized website. This website will definitely outrank its counterparts and increase the visibility and reach of the website to the exact target audience who will search for the relevant query in the search box.

This analysis gives a very important conclusion to most website developers. Even if they do not have a backlink website ready for themselves, they can still create content that is hummingbird friendly and expects to beat even the big players in the game. Hummingbird operates in the most technical yet simple manner imaginable. As long as the search algorithm is able to pick up related content from a website, or even thinly related content from the website, it will reflect a positive feedback for that website.

Even today, most Search Engine Optimisation experts are simply relying on the use of certain keywords and long tail keywords in their articles and creating a decent length of them, for achieving the desired result. However, this thing just doesn’t work. If one Search Engine Optimisation expert really wants to get to the depth of the goal at hand, his content should be solid, lengthy, holistic and deep. The inclusion of images and discussions also helps. This would help in improving the overall performance of the website and rank it high on the search engine results.

Target action

For ranking your website higher on the web search results, an inclusion of specific keywords and their use, on a frequent basis, is compulsory in the articles that follow on your website. Google Hummingbird uses advanced technology and algorithms to make out what is relevant to search results and what is not. It is the job of a Search Engine Optimisation expert to analyze the exact usage of keywords in any given article to achieve the desired goal. The coverage of the website around the stated keywords and how exactly Google Hummingbird picks them up, from among all those gaps, is what will decide how a website ranks in the search results.

How can you analyze your website for Hummingbird standards?

Using tools like, you can get access to some very advanced and comprehensive set of tools that can prove to be very beneficial for your website’s analysis. This website lists out page titles, a number of focus topics, mentions and word count for a user to analyze. The content score plays a very important role in deciding the success of a website, in terms of Google Hummingbird algorithms. Based on the score that you achieve from this website, you can start working on optimizing each of your web pages, to perform better, contributing in a wholesome manner for the development of your website.

Analyzing related mentions is another way of ensuring that you put the most relevant content on your website. Articles on a website can be re-written to use related topics from the website. In this simple process, re-written articles will start performing better and as a result, you will start getting higher search results for your website.

How to improve your ranking practically?

Your website should have an elaborate and comprehensive content if you are aiming for higher rankings as per Google Hummingbird search algorithms. Go step by step and start by searching and refining the website’s topics. Your content should ideally have a long form. Depth is an essential element for all your content and articles. Be specific and add direction to your content with every conclusion and summary. Your content should be appealing to the readers. Content should be focused, if not on every niche, at least in your specific niche. Keep adding content to your website to keep it fresh. Don’t be just content with a few blog posts.

Search Engine Optimisation is not just about gelling together, a few keywords and then expecting to improve your search rankings. Google Hummingbird needs a depth to your content to make your website appear at the top of search results, so basically, if you are short of backlinks or top rated content, it is still possible for you to exploit your niche.

Final Say

Most of the top rated contents all across the web, have few things in common. They have a depth to them, they are holistic and appealing, with apt use of keywords that match the criteria of being listed on Hummingbird. Create content on the matching lines to meet Hummingbird requirements.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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How To Setup Facebook Store with KartRocket

Did you know that India has 112 million Facebook users? This means that a massive market with a whopping 112 million users is waiting for you. Of course, they all are not your potential customers, but even the tiniest fraction of this number is huge. So, why not take advantage of that?

Well, you must be wondering that I know the potential of Facebook. I have already targeted that audience with my Facebook page and running regular Facebook ads. What else is left? Well, the answer is that there is still some potential left, which can make an impact of your online business.

Sell More with Your Facebook Store

Facebook Store is a unique offering by this popular social networking website, which takes a step ahead in social selling. You can easily set up an online store from your brand’s Facebook page to sell products.

This means, whether people will visit your Facebook page, they can click on the “Shop Online” tab and buy products. This link will be directed to your ecommerce website. Thereby, increasing your website’s visitors.

How to Setup Facebook Store With KartRocket?

Setting up an independent Facebook store can be a daunting task. Also, listing your products separately on Facebook will take most of your time. However, KartRocket has made this easier by revamping its Facebook store feature. Now, it is easier and with a better UI.

Before you start with the Facebook store setup, make sure that your KartRocket store is live and on the secure link, otherwise your Facebook store won’t work.

To setup Facebook stores and sync it to your KartRocket store, follow these steps:

1) Create a Facebook Fan Page. Fill in the necessary details of your company or brand.
Facebook Store To Sell Products

2) Once the Facebook Fan page is created, copy this URL on the different tab to enter Facebook app store. Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account. Now, click on ‘Add Static HTML to a Page.

3) The following window will open. Select your Facebook page for which you need to create Facebook Store. Then, click on ‘Add Page’ tab.
Create Facebook Store

4) This will direct to your Facebook Fan Page. Here, you can see ‘APPS’ with a star icon on the left side of the screen.

Facebook Store Apps

5) Click on ‘Welcome’ and click on ‘Edit Tab Button.

Facebook Store Edit Tab

6) To get this code, login to your KartRocket store. Go to App section and then search for Facebook Store App. Click on Setting.

Facebook Store

8) On the Setting tab, you will see a code. Copy this code. Please make sure that you change your store domain to sub-domain name and also change the URL from ‘http‘ to ‘https.’

Facebook Store Code

9) Copy this code and paste it to the Facebook store, as told in Step 5. This will fetch your products from the panel and display them on your Facebook Store.

Facebook Store html

Congrats! Your Facebook Store is ready.

Basic Facebook Store Settings (Front End)

You can change the Welcome Name and its image of your Facebook Store. To do this, follow these steps:

1) Go to your Facebook page and click on Settings.
Facebook Store Settings

2) Now, click on Apps and then on ‘Edit Settings.’ Type CTA which will appear on your Facebook fan page like ‘Shop Now.”

Facebook Store cta

3) Upload the image. Make sure that the image size and dimension is according to the size given in the link.

Facebook Store Image Upload

Your basic Facebook settings are done.

Basic Facebook Store Settings (Back End)

If you want to make your Facebook Store more attractive for your visitors and potential customers, then you can personalize it by adding your store banners, choose product categories to sell and much more. Let’s know more about Back End settings, which can be set from KartRocket admin panel.

To access these settings, log in to your KartRocket admin panel. Go to Apps and then click on Facebook Store. After this, click on Setting.

1) Banner
This banner will be shown on your Facebook store header. You can show your products, discounts, and offers, etc. First, click on On, if you want to show the banner. Then, click on Browse and upload the banner. Click on Save. Make sure that the recommended banner size is 832 x 240.

Facebook Store Banner

2) Category Links
You can choose the product category, which you want to sell on your Facebook Store. To do this, click on On and then select the product categories. Click on Save.

Facebook Store Category Links

3) Latest Products
Show the latest product range on your Facebook Store using this feature. Give a title to this tab like ‘Latest Products.’ Then, choose the number of products which you want to show and then click on ‘On’ to activate this feature. Please note that to use this feature, your store should have ‘Latest Products’ app activate on your KartRocket store.


4) Featured Product
Showcase some of the top selling products of your online store using Featured Products feature. To activate this, go to Featured Product, type a suitable headline. Now, choose the product limit, turn it On and add the product which you want to showcase. Once you start typing, the product will get auto-filled. Save the changes.

Facebook Store Featured Products

5) Related Product
If your KartRocket store has ‘Related Product’ app activated, then you can use this app in your Facebook Store as well. All you need is to limit the number of products to be shown and turn it ‘On.’ Click on Save.

Facebook Store Related Products

The Output

Here’s how your Facebook Store will look like.

Facebook Store Output

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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How to take your Facebook video campaign to the next level?

As we all are aware of Facebook and its reach, one can use it as an effective communicating medium for attracting customers across the globe. There is no hidden truth that effective video ad campaigns on the social networking site will not only promote your brand but also give you an edge over other competitors. Let’s take a look at necessary guidelines that will help you take your Facebook video campaign to the next level.


Targeting approach

If you use Facebook to its optimum potential, chances are that your business may grow twice the current growth rate. When promoting your business on Facebook, one must use various targeting methods that will help to attract a large number of audiences. This social networking site provides advanced targeting features that allow a business firm to aim for a bigger advertising campaign which may not be possible to achieve with basic features of Facebook. This approach enables a campaigner to show their ad to the customers who are already aware of their brand because of previous video ads.


Implement custom audience feature

What you will love about Facebook is its custom audience feature which lets you target specific audiences of your choice. Also, Facebook uses your hashed data and matches people from your hashed customer list to the potential customers on their site. The steps involved to set up custom audience ad is as follows:

  • Go to Facebook ad manager and select “audiences” from the list.
  • As soon as you will select audience, a window pops up displaying “create audience” option, click on it and then select custom audience from the list.
  • Next step is to select “engagement” option and choose a video from the category. Now upload your desired ad and attract your specific audience.


Necessary precautions in using custom audience feature

It is necessary to understand that if someone watches more of your videos, better are the chances that they can turn out to be your potential customers. But sometimes a person may have watched your whole video but didn’t take any action. The reason behind their disengagement may be because either they have not understood your video or you have asked for too much as a call to action at the end of the video. It is important to highlight the benefits in video through effective presentation. To keep people engaged with your brand, you need to review the content of your video before uploading it. Doing so will help you to retarget your custom audience in future and create customer loyalty.

Select 75% targeting option

Further, in the custom audience section, you can select “people who viewed 75% of your video” option. All you need to do is set time frame, provide audience name and add the description. After doing so, the last step is to click on create the audience. Using this technique will help to target the people who have watched the 75% of a particular video of yours. Also, there is an option of “lookalike audience” which is based on the people who have watched 75% of your video. By selecting “lookalike audience”, Facebook analysis and notifies you about the common factors that enable you to create “lookalike audience”.


Try unique strategies

One must always aim to improve one’s marketing model by focusing on the methods of implementation and their results. It is possible that you have targeted your audience accurately but due to poor video ads, positive response is unlikely. In such circumstances, it is important to try split tests with your video ads. It is difficult to predict what your target customers prefer – short video or a long one. One study has claimed that 80% of the customers choose shorter video over long videos. Split testing will help you analyze whether the short video with higher views will yield more leads and conversions or the longer one with comparatively lesser views. Trying unique strategies will enable you to figure out what works best for your target audience.

Creating multiple styles

For some, educational video ads work best whereas some prefer entertainment in video ads. So to cater to everyone’s taste, it’s necessary to create multiple styles of video ads. Using a “hook” in your educational video will attract people as they will feel it is relevant to their needs. Facebook also recommends you to add captions to your videos as it can increase the view time by 14%. You must also consider the cost while creating multiple styles of video ads because if you are targeting a smaller group then there are chances the general cost of the ads may increase. Creating multiple styles will help you to understand what’s best and worst for the customers within 4-5 days.

Steps to generate better results

  1. If you find that your ad is not generating better leads, then the first step you must follow is to review the headline. By reviewing your headline, you will understand whether your landing page headline matches with your actual video or not.
  2. The next step to ensure better results is to check whether the landing page is too distracting that it pushes away the customers and if it is the case then fix it as soon as possible. Distractive landing page easily leads to decline in leads and thus affecting the results. One must also provide social proof on their landing page so as to reaffirm customers about the values used in video ads.

One good example for social proof can be testimonials as it has persuasive powers that can pull the customer towards the brand. You can boost your sales by 33% by managing your video ads campaign on Facebook effectively.


Promoting and successfully running video ad campaigns is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort, planning, precautions and time to attract customers to your brand. Following these guidelines will enable you to grow your business and achieve new heights gradually. Make use of Facebook’s video ads and take your campaign to the next level.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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10 methods for making your blog appear visually attractive & interesting

Are you currently running a blog? Is it getting hard for you to gain added response or traffic which you think you deserve? If yes, then you need to spot the loopholes in your blog which are making it incapable to pull the attention of your readers. When it comes to blogging, generally most of the bloggers think that the prime way to grasp the attention of their targeted audience is through the creation of nice posts.

Although, developing quality content is necessary to pull in visitors to your blog, however, it is always not enough. There are some crucial things that you must look after in order to make your blog a successful one and attain the desired response out of your blog.

Keep it Topic Specific

The first and most crucial thing that is needed to make your blog appealing is to choose a unique topic for it. In few cases, it is observed that the blogger increases the niche of the blog just because he/she holds a lot of knowledge about different things and wishes to embed all in one. However, a blog that is not focused cannot bind the readers for long.

There may be some who are attracted to read everything you post but the majority of the readers chase blogs which are precise and focused because they only wish to read about certain particular topics in which they are interested. Therefore, you need to make sure that your blog is centered on a single topic, or else it would fade away in the crowd and all your hard work would be ruined.

Eye-Catching Title

  • There may be hundreds or thousands of blogs available on the same topic similar to your blog and might be already written and published. So, what should you aim now? Should you drop it and think to develop a blog on another topic? The answer to this is No!
  • The only possible and effective way to give your blog an edge over the already existing blogs in the same forte is by forming eye-catching titles of your posts. Therefore, do not miss a chance to utilize all your creative and vocabulary skills in framing eye-catching title.

Write Down What You Feel

In order to make your blog appealing, you will need to write something with an exceptional perspective that someone else has not figured out yet. Readers, nowadays, are attracted to read content which is out-of-the-box or something they might have already read but desire to know the other side of it. Therefore, remember not to imitate someone else’s words and write down what you feel about the topic.

Usage of “Read More” Tag in Lengthy Posts

If you have framed a page or two-page long post, it is required to use “Read More” tag in it. If not, it will cover the other published posts by pushing them to the previous pages of your blog and the viewer may not be able to check out other published posts. Therefore, it is necessary to use “Read More” tag in almost all of your long posts, so that, the reader can check out all recent posts published by you on your blog without any hassle.

Prefer Attractive Images

One of the perfect ways to make your blog visually appealing is by adding striking images in your blog posts. Images help a lot to tempt your content and illustrate specific points in the best way. Also, it works to break the long blocks of texts, making your blog post simplified to read. Also, there is one thing that you need to take care that the images you are adding in your post must be properly aligned. Non-aligned pictures would make your post appear bad.

Color Combination of Background and Text

Another aspect which can help you develop your blog visually attractively is the correct color combination of text and background. For example, a light text on a bold background will make it difficult for the reader’s eye and there are chances that he/she will leave the blog without giving must attention. Therefore, keep a note that you have chosen a light background for your blog and the text can be read easily.

Keep Posting-Frequency Constant

It is important to allow your readers know how frequent you want them to see your blog to check out new post you have published. However, do not post irregularly as it would make it difficult for your readers to visit your blog again and again for spotting new posts. It is sensible to set a particular posting frequency, for example posting daily, bi-weekly or weekly.

Usage of Appropriate Text Font

Apart from text color, there is one more thing which must be appropriate for developing your blog in an attractive form. Text font should not be funky but chose a particular style which helps the reader to easily go through the whole text. Also, make sure the text size should not be too small.

Integrate Call-to-Action

One must integrate call-to-action on your blog in order to create a strong readership. Readers may be prepared to link with you on social media platforms or wish to gain updates about your blog through email subscription. Therefore, it is important to put call-of-action in your blog so that the concerned readers can simply get connected to your blog.

Allow Comments & Author Bio

  • It is common that usually most of the readers want to share their suggestion related to the post they have read with the help of comments. So, if you have halted the comments on your blog, it might surely turn off the readers. Moreover, there is one more thing which needs to be focused, do not ask readers for registering and signing up to your blog for posting a comment. In usual cases, it is also counted as a turn-off. Therefore, offer a commenting option and make it easier for your audience to give their feedback via comments.
  • Most of the readers are keen to know who is interacting with them. Therefore, it is suggested to add an author bio in the post. Make sure, the author bio has the picture of the author along with a brief overview about him/her. Moreover, add some links to get connected with the author on social media platforms. All these points are helpful in developing a more natural relation among the author and readers.

Final Say

Use these 10 tips above and you can be assured that your blog gets the audience it deserves.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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How to Create Successful Ads on Social Media?

It is a known fact that organic promotions alone on social media is not the key to successful branding. Each social media platform has their own advertising network which helps in boosting the reach of your social media page or posts. But you can’t leverage the same tricks for all the platforms as the ads work differently on them and the methods of creating successful ads differ too. However, a few things stand common for all the social media platforms. If you adhere by these, you will be successful in creating ads that convert on top notch platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Follow the rules, guidelines, and policies of the platform

If you fail to abide by all the rules, guidelines and policies set by the particular platform, you can never hope your advertisement to be visible among your audiences. Before starting your ad campaign on any platform, make sure you read all the guidelines thoroughly so that you don’t break the rules even unknowingly. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have laid down their policies of advertising in a pretty straightforward manner so you can have a look at those and then start creating ads.

Respect user’s privacy and data security

All the platforms ensure that their user’s data are safe and handled in a secure manner. For any kind of advertising purpose, if you are seeking sensitive information from the user then make sure that you take extra precautions in handling it. If you are collecting such information, you must do it on a secure server. Moreover, each social media platform has their own data collection policy which mentions the rules all advertisers must follow while collecting data from users. Thus, being an ethical marketer, you must follow these policies while advertising your products.

Don’t try to trick your users

Advertising is misunderstood by a lot of marketers as deceiving users into buying their product. If you are playing it for the long run, try to build trust for your brand through advertising. This can’t be achieved by tricking your users through ads that make false promises and then fail to deliver. Digital marketing already has a bad reputation for such practices. Once a user knows that the advertising was false and the actual product or service was nowhere near it, they will feel frustrated and stop buying from your brand altogether.

Show exact prices

If the advertisement is regarding a specific product or service, showing the exact price for it in the ads can give a huge boost to the CTR. When users know the exact price of any particular thing, the chances of them exploring the product or service increases many folds. It is a basic human psychology where the user tries to discover what value will he get for this price. All the major social media platforms have reported that ads with specific prices perform way better than ads with no mention of pricing at all.

Write a killer magnetic headline

Marketers know it well that nothing can replace the appeal of a good headline. It is the first thing that a user sees in an advertisement. Thus, you need to make sure that the headline is written in the best possible way keeping the users in mind. A sloppy headline doesn’t attract anyone and then nobody pays attention to the advertisement. More than anything else, make the headline attractive and keep it short. Once you have the user’s attention, you need to leverage other things to convert the user to buy your product or service.

Use an attention grabbing image

Images grab the user’s attention much more than a few lines of text can ever do. Almost all the social media platforms let you use images for advertising. Add an image to the advertisement that is eye-catchy and would grab the attention of users without being too flashy. Also, images need to follow the advertising guidelines of the particular platform too. Complement the image with some nice copywriting to sell your product or service and users will definitely click your ads. The image must also give a visual representation of the product or service, if possible.

Be precise in body copy

The body copy of your advertisement is highly important as well. It must be precise and explain exactly what the ad is trying to sell. After being attracted and interested in the advertisement by the headline and the image, users tend to read the body copy to know whether the ad has anything good to offer them. Try including points in your copy that your users would be interested in. Give a small sneak peak about what you are offering and users might want to click the ad and know more.

Do A/B testing

A/B testing is the solution to all your confusions regarding which ad to display. You can either go with an ad that you are fully confident about or else try with different variations to see which one works the best. There are various tools that let you do A/B testing so you can use them to decide the best advertisement that works. Experiment with all the factors of your advertisement including the image, headline, copy, etc. Only when you try out different versions of the ad, you will get to know about the user’s likes and dislikes. A/B testing works great in all kinds of dilemmas.

Final Say

Advertisement on social media promises great targeting and reach. You can create a successful advertisement by following these essential tips. Try going along the lines of all what you have learned and apply it the next time you are creating a social media ad. You will definitely get extraordinary results from them if you implement these tips and then start advertising. Social media platforms hold a huge potential in them to take your brand to new heights but that will be possible only if you opt for the right way of doing it.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.


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