The Impact Of Petty Expenses On Your Online Business

Have you so far been wondering how to start an online business in India? Well, needless to say, owing to the enormous success of top eCommerce sites in India, it appears as a productive and rewarding opportunity to most business people. Doing business online has now become a cakewalk in the literal sense, such that it is no longer the monopoly of the rich or the resourceful and even an ordinary person with no work experience can run a company with a handful of resources.

The buzz about online business

When an entrepreneur is struck with the question of how to do business online, he is left stung with the idea of having a web presence in the first place. As easy and lucrative as it sounds, the delicate areas of any field are not as easy to crack. With the immense experience that one can gain by referring some of the leading online Ecommerce platforms operating in India, it is crucial to extract ideas and a sheer understanding about the functioning of the online business sphere. One simply cannot plunder into the ocean of the internet and expect overnight rewards. There are examples of success and failures both to take a cue from. At the very basic level, one needs to understand the relevance of the products and their pricing, at which he can put up something for sale on an Ecommerce platform.

What is Ecommerce website?

An Ecommerce website is an online platform that provides a medium to conduct business transactions, very similar to the way transactions are made in a brick and mortar shop, but highly sophisticated in comparison. People scroll through the listed products on the online website and add to cart based on a number of factors. In many ways, Ecommerce websites are becoming indispensable, owing to their quick and convenient services and competitiveness. Some of the best Ecommerce websites in India have gained all the fame and reputation, following to their excellent services and dedicated product offering. What you can sell online is a matter of your expertise in the field of business and comprehension concerning upcoming marketing trends. As long as you can bring it online and present value to the customers, you can be sure of gradually hitting benchmarks.

What about the costs?

This is perhaps the one aspect of online business in India that gives a hard time to many entrepreneurs. Not the entire workforce is sufficiently trained to operate software and PCs. They have to be trained thoroughly to manage an online business. Besides, the work performed by them has to be evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that it is correct and free of mistakes. Also, most of the times these days, entrepreneurs are choosing to rent workspaces instead of owning one, which also entails a considerable rental cost. Added to this are some overhead costs, such as electricity bills, water bills and various other miscellaneous charges that are to be met on a monthly basis. All these costs, combined, impose an enormous burden on the businessmen, particularly at the initial stage when the revenues are not churning in. In this case, it can become extremely challenging and competitive to run an online business while maintaining the target of growth and income. For this reason itself, many online business entrepreneurs look forward to getting funded by venture securities and angel investors in order to be able to continue their daily operations.

In the tough times, competition is stark. Those who can stay afloat in the current can actually look forward to success in the long run. For this, it is imperative for every entrepreneur to have a clear understanding of his expenses and returns. Managing these petty expenditures in the initial stages itself can be taxing for running an online business. In no time, you could be looking forward to a huge mound of savings, instead of unruly expenses.

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5 Ways To Ace The Fashion Blog

You might just wake up one day and think ‘today I am going to write a fashion blog’. But what to write and how to write are problems that will take weeks to solve. Fashion blogging is much more than just writing about clothes and accessories. It is the sneak-peek into the blogger’s individualistic way of looking at fashion. With these 5 tips, fashion blogging will be a cakewalk for you

A theme

It is important to choose a theme and curate content around it. Though you can choose the theme at your own will but people will only sit up and take notice if your theme is unique. You cannot just end up writing about the top runway trends. Be more specific and discrete. Fashion for moms-to-be or the highs of vintage fashion can be great topics to begin with. But also remember to select the theme as per your own domain of knowledge and expertise. It is pointless to write an amateurish blog

Know your readers

Yes it is necessary to understand which set of audience will actually read your blog. Is it the mother or the daughter? Or the guy next door? Who is it for? Understanding their problems and giving solutions to them is a sure shot formula to a winning blog. Writing for a niche set of audience is far more challenging than writing for mass readers. But even if your topic is generic, it should have the relatability factor.

Power-punch titles

There is a difference between “how to wear a scarf” and “5 ways to wear a scarf”. While the first title sounds basic and common, the second title gives an impression of a comprehensive guide. Title is the first thing people notice, so you should make it worth-noticing. Don’t write long titles, people will lose interest halfway. Keep it short and crisp.

The look and feel of it

A blog with great content but lousy interface can put off a reader. You can source free templates from the internet or design your own if you are familiar Photoshop, Gimp etc. You can also hire a graphic designer to do the same. Also make sure that the images used are copyright free.

Promote your blog

Let people know about your blog by promoting it. Many good blogs go unnoticed due to lack of promotion. There are several ways to promote a blog on digital media and social media being at the top. As that is where your blog will get the maximum number of likes and shares. Other than social media marketing there are

  • Mobile marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Cost per click

These are some of the efficient ways to promote your blog

Need Help?

Explore our knowledge base to upgrade yourself with enough information to launch your store now and start reaching out to your target audience.

KartRocket has empowered more than 5000 entrepreneurs, SMB’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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Here’s how you can find a guest posting gig!

Guest posting is the act of publishing your blog on someone else’s blog. It is a great way to spread information about your brand. You have the chance and opportunity to voice your brand in front of a separate website audience and what helps the most is they give you a boost in search engine optimization. The transaction either happens in exchange for payment or the other blogger wanting to post a blog on your website. Many people have difficulties in publishing their blogs in another website so below are some tips that will come handy while searching for guest posting:

Search on Google

Well, it is not a surprise that Google will come to our aid regarding this problem too. It is the easiest option to find sites where you can write or people that maybe be interested in writing in yours. Plenty of websites out there sends open invitation to people, to write for them. All the different kinds of advertisements clearly call out to different kinds of content and some also encourage a third party writing for them. Simply use the key phrases like ‘guest posts’, ‘write for us’, ‘submit content’. Like for instance if your plan industry concerns travel and tourism, search using the phrases like ‘travel bloggers write for us’.


Contact editors

The only one who can decide to put your name up on a book or the site is the editor. He is the guard of every publication house and without convincing about your content to the editor you will proceed nowhere. Do a thorough research before you plan on contacting any. Have a quick look at their LinkedIn profiles. Try to understand the kind of work each of them indulges in. That will give you the definitive idea of how to win them over.


Convince with your content

In order to please the editor of the page make sure you have your content right. You may butter him up to read your mail but more than the way of approaching, the material that you approach with must be equally convincing and solid so as to please the boss. In fact cut to the chase, mail your content straight away to the editor. It shows a bold statement proving that you believe in pleasing with your material and also shows the amount of confidence in you. This step might seem tricky and risky for some as it involves the risk of directly putting your ideas in front of someone without having the surety that it will make its way to the site. But nonetheless, this is a strong and a bold step for any guest writer.

Adopt their style

A sure and effective way to have your article posted in your desired website is to get the hang of their style and content. The main reason behind this fact that editors do try to maintain the parity in terms of content and types of articles that are being put up on their website. So, make sure you scrutinize the web content of their site and prepare your content according to the style that suits the best for the website. This is a sure shot way to get your work up on the page.


Make use of your audience

Involve your audience. You may not be aware but any one of your daily readers may be associated with the different website in the same industry you are working for. And in order to do that use your mailing lists and social media handles to advertise you wish to publish your content on some other website. Also, a great and a more direct way to have people approach you as a guest blogger are to directly post your advertisement on your site asking editors to get in touch with you.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.


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email subject lines

Excellent Tips To Write Email Subject Lines That Gets Good Open Rates

Do you always have this question in mind that how to promote the store and keep our business financially strong in the upcoming year? To accomplish this mission, you must have jotted down various marketing tactics in order to keep your customers coming to your store. Email marketing is one of them. Whether you want to stay in touch with your existing clients or want a more potential customer to pour into your online store, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways. Not to forget, your email subject lines play a vital role.

For a successful email marketing, you need to take care of all the aspects of sending an email. Open rates determine the success of your email marketing strategy. Ideally, 10% is a good open rate for your mailers. To calculate email open rates, the following formula is used.

Email Open Rate = Emails Opened/Email Sent- Bounce Rate
According to experts, 64% of people admit that great email subject line plays the driving force behind opening an email. Writing subject lines might seem to be an easy task. But, believe me, it’s not! Rather, it is the most time-consuming part of writing a mail. So, how to make sure that you write the subject line that gets maximum open rates? Here are some of the easy tips to do that easily.

Personalization Works Best

Personalized email subject lines grab more attention that a normally boring subject line. Even the stats shows that personalized subject lines have 22% more open rate than normal subject lines. You can start with your recipient’s name. Make the most of “you,” “we”, “us.” You can also make your mailers city specific. For example, “Neha, is your wardrobe ready for Delhi’s chilly winter?”

Keep It Short And Crisp

Try to speak more in shorter sentences. Short and crispy subject lines always get better open rates. You can try it yourself. Go to your inbox and read out the email subject lines. There are huge chances that you will go for shorter subject lines that are easier to read. Ideally, it is better to keep your subject lines to 40-50 characters. The subject line is just a heading. You don’t need to tell everything there.


Keep Your Email Subject Lines Readable

Formatting plays a vital role in any kind of content, right from email content to the subject line. Firstly, avoid caps letter. Capital letters often make it difficult for the readers to read and understand what you are trying to say. For example:



20% off on All Summer Wear

Which one of these do you find easy to read. The majority of you will say the second one. Yes, you can always try keeping the first letter in capital.

Entice Readers With Compelling Words

You can always do A/B testing of your email subject lines and check which works better. You can try the following tactics:

Breaking a News or New Development: For example, “KartRocket introduces Studio Plan!”

Create Urgency: For example, “Get iPhone 5s in just Rs. 25000. Only 15 units left”

Generate Curiosity: For example, “Are you paying too much electricity bill”

Give the Best benefit: For example, “Save up to 40% on electronics.”


Never Misguide Your Readers

Always make sure that you keep your email subject line relevant to what the mailer is all about. Fooling or tricking your reader never works. Instead, it hampers your company’s image and people might mark you as SPAM. If you are talking about the big offer, then you cannot include 5% off on merchandise. You got to offer something big discount or offer to your reader. Otherwise, your reader will feel cheated.

Create a sense of urgency

A users buying is always based on the intent, if you are able to generate that interest & curiosity in you subject line then there’s a fair chance that your email gets open. It is always seen that email which create a sense of urgency perform better in comparison to the email with lateral intention.

Below are some of the type of emails create urgency:

  • A discount or special offer
  • A free live event like a webinar or hangout
  • Offering a training program or product for a limited time only
  • Having a limited number of spots or items available for sale
  • News/Tips related to a current event/situation

Writing email subject lines always ask for more time. And, it is worth to give proper time to it and avoid any fatal email marketing mistakes. Those 4-5 words can make or break your email open rates. However, you should never hesitate to experiment. You never know which works might trigger your reader to open the mailer and read.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.


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11 Ideal Places to Find freelancers for your business!

One of the biggest difficulties is finding the right talent and resource for your business. Many startups and small organizations can’t manage to pay for full-time employees from the onset, so they plan to find the best freelancers for their company. The question then becomes, how do you build a team of people who aren’t dedicated full-time? You just need to make sure that you are setting clear expectations, and documenting all your expectations is the key. Below is the list of the 11 best places online to find freelancer for your business:


With a noticeably different tactic than the other services on this list, Toptal offers experienced, talented freelancers. Freelancers need to pass Toptal’s screening procedure to get supreme access to evocative projects with great clients like JPMorgan, Zendesk, Airbnb, etc. with fair reimbursement and payment. This make sure that you are getting a capable resource for your project.


With over 1.5 million customers, Upwork offers every sort of freelancer to recruiters. It put up both short- and long-term projects and work, hourly or per-project work and expert-level and entry-level arrangements. You can hire the best for your business irrespective of where they are in their job, Upwork is likely to have something for you.


Elance is one of the platforms that removes a lot of the aggravation that comes while finding a freelance for your business. Freelancers also would be able to create their profile instantly without hopping through any hoops, enjoy compensation protection to make sure that they always paid for the hours they worked and more.


Guru is a great place to find talented freelancers for your business. This online portal lets the freelancers easily exhibit their past work experience and offers a daily job-matching feature to ensure they don’t miss out on any good openings. The feature, Guru Work Room also lets the freelancers easily accomplish all your work.


99designs is the best place if you are looking for the best and most experience talent for your business. This is a prefect platform for freelance designers. It lets you contest in design contests and get response as clients choose the best one out of all. It’s a great way for endowed designers to prove their talents and paid good for their work.


Coworks is a great place to find good talent. With its advanced filters, you can easily find freelancers for writing, design, photo, and web projects. It is unique because it can be used to accomplish your entire remote team.


Peopleperhour is a great podium for people focusing on freelancing for web projects. If you are a designer, SEO specialist, web developer, content developer etc., Peopleperhour is unquestionably worth checking out.


LinkedIn is the largest skilled networking website in the world. It is one of the best place with no surprise that you can also use it to find freelancers or get a freelancing job. One of the best benefits about using LinkedIn is that you can have a look over profiles of the candidates and read coworker reviews before hiring someone.


Flexjobs has more than 55 different career groupings that range from part-time telecommuting performances to managerial positions. To make sure that you’re hiring genuine and qualified freelancers, the company screens each applicant. Flexjobs also shares guidance on everything from searching for freelancers to staying industrious.


Craigslist is known to be perfect online destination for finding great deals on items like furniture and home furnishing. But, it is also great for finding freelancers in your local communal. Posting job positions is reasonable and you can comprise precise requirements so that you can find accurately what you’re looking for.

Peer Hustle

Peer Hustle uses geolocation to find freelancers in your area. This makes connecting with freelancers almost immediately. With Peer Hustle, you can then chat to budding team members in real-time through the in-app calling feature.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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6 Golden Rules To Follow At Any Networking event!

Business meets and networking events are one of the many avenues where as an entrepreneur you get to expand your contacts, meet fellow entrepreneurs associated with the industry, sell your brand and most importantly attract more clients. But the entire process can be quite taxing and also involves a lot of tactics because more often than not, your target clients or the ones whom you would like to approach might already be engaged in a conversation and or in constant move. As newcomers of the industry you might not be aware of the smart moves but here in this article we help you set a clear list of the do’s and do not’s in a networking event.

Proper research regarding your clients-

Even before you start planning how, when and where to go to such kind of event you should definitely make sure you do a thorough research on potential networking targets. And this goes out especially to the first timers and the newbies of the industry. First you should get hold of the listed speakers of the event, the topics they will be discussing, doing your own research on them so you may ask your queries in the open debate sessions. Also, do not forget to check out the event’s social handles and hashtags. After you have listed all of these you can make suitable preparations on how to go about the entire event.

Dressing up well-

There is nothing more attractive than a person who is confident enough to showcase his product in front of an audience, you maybe a newcomer or a legend in the industry, lack of confidence in your brand is a major setback in these. And one of the major factors that is responsible for boosting confidence in person is how he/she is dressed. But please do not confuse dressing well with dressing up. All we ask you is to have your clothes washed, ironed and cleaned. We don’t want you looking as if you have come straight out of the vogue magazine neither do we suggest you have your meetings in your jammies.


Be a good listener-

Networking is not just only about selling yourself and your product. Be precise and crisp in your content and then lend your ears to the others who wish to give feedback and their thoughts about your product. Also, have patience to hear and show that you are genuinely interested when a person approaches you. Be a good listener and then formulate whatever you may have to say to them. ‘How do like working for your company?’ and ‘what are the future projects that you are looking forward to?’ these are some questions that are some generic questions that bodes well with all.

Work on your body language-

Body language forms a major part of human communication. What comes out of your mouth must be aided with the right kind of actions. A firm handshake, direct eye contact while talking to people around you, placing your hands behind your back. These are just the basics that you must keep in mind. Remember, however much interesting your content or product might be, no one will show interest if you don’t manage to present it well in front of your clients.


Bringing business cards-

Well yeah, they do still exist and make a huge difference. Make sure you have sufficient amount with you and also make sure you don’t hand it over like pamphlets. Don’t get yourself tagged as the business card spammer in such events. This adds to negative marketing. A stack of ten cards per day for such kind of events is a sufficient amount. And make sure you collect cards of others as well.

A dedicated follow-up-

Taking business cards and keeping them in your folder is not follow-up. Take time and the patience to sort the cards after these events, send emails and of course the mandatory LinkedIn requests should also be in order. You can also re-invent the old school ways. Fix up informal meetings with these new acquaintances, build up friendly terms especially if they are beneficial to your business.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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9 companies that are helping your social media presence grow online!

Sorry guys, creating an account in Facebook and posting once in a while is not going to help your social media presence any noticeable. Social media has shown tremendous growth and can no longer be neglected. Nowadays it takes hard work t build up a social media presence. You should be well aware of your audience, should be aware of tricks like hashtags and keywords that catch the audience’s attention, social media icons on the website or on your blog. There exists some companies who have made our life easier in terms of marinating our social media presence:


This social media monitoring app notifies you whenever you or any of your competitors in the industry is up on real time. You can categorize these mentions as positive or negative mentions and along with it also helps you identify influential social media users and help you connect with them. this app comes with a 14 day free trial and subsequently 49$ a month (3200 INR)



This app gives you the facility to schedule posts according to different time zones. It also gives you analytics and a review of your different marketing campaigns. Buffer has a free package along with a 10$ business package(660 INR)



A multi beneficial tool has the primary use of managing business to business social media campaigns. It also helps you schedule updates, track your performance in campaigns and share social media messages. Oktopost comes with a 200$ monthly subscription (12500 INR). The best part is you can integrate it in Customer Relation Management and with your salesforce.

Sprout Social

This tool helps you to queue, schedule and publish content across all social media channels. It also helps you monitor your campaigns. But its added specialty is its extreme user friendly nature along with a simple and powerful interface. Subscription charges start from 59$ a month (3900 INR)


This DIY special tool helps manage and implement special twitter tools that are best suited for your brand. You can select your audience on the basis of their interests, language and location and this tool will find out the exact kind of audience for you to target. Jooicer is basically a ‘twitter-made-easy’ tool.
Subscription charges are 59$ a month (3900 INR)

It is a nifty community management tool that comes to aid in areas like identifying industry influences, top customers on Facebook and Twitter; that further lead us to identify who to follow or not follow. And all this helps you form Twitter analytics and Twitter lists. No subscription charges for


Quue takes cares of a very necessary, tedious and time consuming job of content curation. Quuu comes with the specialty that it generates hand-curated content based on categories you and your audience will most be interested in. you can send all these lists to your Buffer account and then schedule further updates. One can sign up for Quuu for free of cost.


It is almost a super tool in terms of managing social media presence. Social media, sales, support, analytics. Cyfe takes care of each and everything. One can sign up for Cyfe free of cost but in order to avail its premium orders one has to pay 19$ a month (1260 INR)


‘If this then that’ tool or popularly known it as IFTTT, takes take care of the complicated and expensive job of social media automation. This app is as cool as it sounds. It helps create ‘recipes’ so that we know which apps work the best to finish a task. IFTTT has a total of 289 services and guess what they are all for free once you sign up for it.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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5 habits that will make you a fast learner!

We have often heard people saying that as we grow older the pace at which we learn things decreases and it is always better to learn things at a young age. But some care to disagree. Personally I feel there is no age to learn. While some have the ability to grasp thing more quickly, for some it is indeed a time consuming process and happens irrespective of any age. And who is better teacher than life, eh? So next time someone tells you the phrase “Well, boy I’m too old to learn all these new stuff”, please do correct them and give them these tips listed below which will help make us all better and fast learners.


Adjust and accommodate to your learning environment

Many of us believe the best time to learn is learning it early in the morning with a fresh mind. While it may be true but you may not always have the time to get up early in the morning. Our busy lives may not allow us to get up early in the morning every day. So what we suggest is try to adjust to the changing environment. You may have the few extra hours at night and you may want to use it for learning something instead of trying hard to wake up early the next day. Habituate yourself with the changing environment. Do it slowly, one day at a time and slowly you will be successful enough to grasp to the new learning routine for yourself.

Take notes whenever necessary

Remember when in school our teacher always suggested we sit with our notebooks while preparing for a topic. It is true and is an effective way to remember things. As and when you are learning things, make tiny notes on your notebook, so that each time you look back to revise the same topic you will have all the important points listed in front of you and it will be easier for you to remember them. Not only in the case of self-study, making notes works everywhere especially in classrooms when your teachers and professors keep talking and it is not possible to remember each and every little detail, so you take running notes which help you to make your learning process easier and faster.

Exercise not only the body but also the brain

Like a sound body needs good rest and sufficient amount of exercise to maintain the proper functioning so does our brain. Apart from the daily chores you subject your brain to, have your brain go out of the schedule and indulge in games with serve as a mental exercise. Game apps like BrainHQ and Lumosity are some popular games which you can play for a quick mental exercise.

Take break from your daily routine

Repeatedly doing the same things, same chores and the same work every day sucks out the brain’s ability. The brain gets used to producing the same kind of receptors to works things the way you have subjected it to. And so what you can do is going out of your daily schedule. Take a break, go on a short trip and relax your mind and body. You can also innovate your routine. Change the kind of work you are used to doing. Your brain will automatically adopt to the new pressure it has been given. Start things slow but steady.

Take good care of your diet

Consuming foods that are rich in protein and fiber help towards a healthy and a sound mind. Blaming the memory and cursing yourself for forgetting little things is not the solution. You should make sure that the brain receives proper nourishment for it to work well. Foods like fruits and vegetable help boost your memory and create dopamine which is essential for learning and memory. Create a diet chart avoiding too much cheese and items which contain saturated fats which lower your memory skills.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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6 Mental Blocks Preventing Your True Success

Have you ever wondered – what separates success from failure? It’s the ability to keep aside mental blocks. These mental blocks stop you, make you feel you’re not worth it and most importantly, make you far away from your goals.


So whether your goal is to build an empire through startup or boost your existing business, it’s just your mind that can hold you back from success. When you’re on your way to success, the one that stops you from being an average is your ability to control your mental blocks. The potential you have will be successfully achieved once you know what your “mental blocks” are and how to overcome them!


No matter what you may believe, if you’re thinking the all negatives and no positives, you may be preventing your own success. Always thinking about the negative part won’t lead you to the road you’re willing to go. Are you the one who cribs over small arguments at the office? If yes, you’re seriously not thinking “the big picture.” You have to understand that without arguments, you cannot come over any solution.


Hence, always think for a solution for the problems you face. Don’t get indulge in the pessimistic and procrastinated thinking. Think about things that really matter in your business and work on them!


Why is it that we always perceive failure more than we perceive success? We worry about failure, try to avoid it and do our best to keep a distance from it. You know what, we’ve not yet reached a stage of understanding what no great success is ever achieved without failure. The pessimism is our greatest enemy and optimism may land you where you deserve to be! You may even have to face a series of failures, but you need to also understand those are the attempts are creating something that’s worth it.


The failures that we face are our stepping-stone towards something beautiful that we will create. And as the image says – “Failure is success in progress.”


What exactly are snap decisions? These are the ones based on gut feelings instead of logical facts. Yes, we all have heard – “just give it a try.” But, it can’t be always true when you’re running a business. In business, you need to make sure that your decisions are ACTUALLY based something instead of gut feeling. That ‘something’ has to be your data, research and insider knowledge.


Sometimes, your gut feeling may be right but it can’t be always true. You can only learn from the facts and experiences out in front of you! That means, you need to work on your business situations based on facts and take the right course of action.


You do know what is the basic ingredient to success in whatever you do? Yes, that’s right it’s – FOCUS! Focus on the right things in your startup. Focus on your game changing plan. Focus on the goals you would love to achieve. Focus on every single aspect of your business.

But sometimes, we all lack focus from our work and need a break. Yes you must take break but, don’t overtake it. Rejuvenate yourself and keep your aspirations in mind to never lose a track of your focus. Keep yourself on track with the goals in mind and how far you want your goals to take you.


The fact is – we all have the same 24 hours of the day. While you think you don’t have enough time or you just have 9-5 time for working, you may skip your success even by a minute. You get 24 hours a day, make sure you work on it well. Skip out 8 hours out of it for your beauty sleep, but rest hours? Work hard. You never know what change that extra hour would bring in your business. Your 5 year plan may even come true with 5 hours of extra work!


The details really do hold you back. When you’re the one trying to manage the micro aspects of your business, you may run into number of micro problems. Yes, it’s nice to solve them all and be perfectionist in every bit of it. But, think about it – would you like yourself to come over these mini micro problems and find no solution to them? It’s frustrating, isn’t it?


So how about trusting the people under you to work out on those micro problems? They know what they’re doing and you need to stop worrying about it! You’ve got a lot more important aspects of business to worry about.


Now you know what your mental blocks are and how you can overcome them! Then, if I ask – how would you see yourself in next 5 years down the lane, what would your answer be? Let me know what your answers would be. Don’t let your mental blocks prevent you from chasing the excellence and perfection you deserve.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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So you have an “APP” idea, but is it worth the effort?

Recently Facebook has declared having 1 billion users in a single day but there was a time back in 2004 when it had a stiff competition against sites like Myspace and Friendster who was said to have a membership of a million users at that point of time. That time battling against these big sites might have seemed like a crazy and over ambitious dream for Zuckerberg and team but now they are, the owner of the biggest social networking site in the world. WhileApps and startups are the new big thing in the economy, perhaps there isn’t a single person who hasn’t thought of an app idea in their minds. While some laugh at their own mind doodle there are people who actually make an effort to invest in these ideas.


Below we have categorized people who are extremely inspired by their ideas but don’t actually know how to go about with them in the right way.

The ‘chaser’-

This is a group of those who are super enthusiastic about their ideas and product but somehow their enthusiasm gets lost when it comes to execution. They lack the perseverance to make their plans work and sooner or later they come up with something new and again lag behind in the execution plan. This goes on in a cycle. Endless ideas and endless plans. Too bad they don’t make it to the real world. Maybe because working and execution in making your ideas work is far more valuable, time consuming and tedious and not all have the ability to do that. No offence fellas!

The ‘hoarder’-

These are exactly the nerds whom you meet at school who always kept on saying they were unprepared for exams and ended up being the top scorers! Because they were too scared of people stealing their scores. Well, don’t be surprised if you meet these freaks outside high school. They are undoubtedly the brilliant ones but fear people stealing their ideas. And trust me, it is almost like a phobia! They work secretly in the most discreet manner and without fail make sure you sign the non-disclosure agreement even before they spill out the place where he intends to meet you to discuss their plans. Funny yet annoying!

The ‘greedy’ ones-

“Brother, If this works I want my 30%”. They are the ones who always come with strings. In fact they are the lazy ones too, they share their ideas in the hope that you would do all the hard work, all the running around and the paperwork. And he would just sit back, relax and have his share of profit. And for all you know they also take pride in broadcasting how it was their idea and be the hero among the mass. In fact this kind fall under the category of the hoarder as they both share mistrust and fear of people stealing their ideas.

Final Say

Not that blog is an attempt just to criticize certain kind of people. It is a piece of advice to those who want to do something about their app ideas. The bullet points above are to show how you should not be such kind of people. Instead you should try to focus on the points like:

  • Why do want to make your app? What is your ultimate goal? (Is it for revenue, something to learn, leads, engagement?)
  • Once you determine your goal, what are the problems that you wish to solve with your new app? (How is it being solved if not for your app? Target audience, grand vision)
  • Market research ( Potential and existing competitors, size of your market, your competitive advantage)
  • Validation of your idea (Application of ideas in the real world, seeing how feasible it is in reality)

As easy and simple it may sound, almost 85% of people are clueless about these basic steps to go about after they have thought about their ‘big’ app idea.


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