Top 10 [Must Have] Features of an E-commerce Website

An eCommerce website is essential for running an online business, however, it is equally important to have one with all the important features to assure success. A good eCommerce website will offer all the means and more for the customer and the merchant to get involved in a fruitful transaction. Here are top 10 features for an eCommerce website which you should look out for:

1. Shopping Cart

This is an integral part of any e-commerce store, the shopping cart. This is where your end consumers store their products to continue with the checkout process. A flexible cart allows both the guest user and registered user to checkout. Whereas the guest checkout does not require the user to sign up on the site, hence aiding them in making the process faster.

2. Payment Gateway Integrations

Payment Mode

A good eCommerce website gives you an option of integrating with diverse payment gateways by not limiting your choices to a selected few.

3. Order management

A wholesome order management panel simplifies the task of the merchants where one can get detailed information regarding Buyer Cancellation/Refunds/COD order verification/Exchange/Order Status Update and more. The panel helps the merchant manage his order fulfillment and oversee the completion of the same.

4. Security

Security, SSL

This feature is one of the most important feature as it ensures that no crucial data such as credit card information is saved and for all prepaid shipments the checkout is carried out through a secure payment gateway. The passwords are hashed and not stored in a readable format. All web pages should be protected by SSL. The servers are secure and protected using state of the art services.

5. Scalable Infrastructure

Your hosting infrastructure should be able to scale as you get more and more traffic. A higher latency leads to drops in transaction rates and leads to loss of marketing dollars. CDN should be  used to improve the website’s performance and managing the products online. It also provides excellent uptime, ensuring that the website is readily available everywhere and at any time.

6. Mobile compatibility

Mobile Friendly

Great eCommerce websites usually offer three types of solutions for mobile compatibility. First is ensuring that the mobile view is responsive and properly accommodated according to the device. The WAP is a mobile specific template which optimizes the website in size and generates less loading time. API’s for building mobile apps is essential since everyone now likes to browse via phones.

7. Reports

The reports should be available as exports which contain detailed information regarding the orders, customer database, and product reports in terms of catalogue. It is quite useful for analyzing the growth of the business. The websites should be pre-integrated with marketing tools and analytics to better market the brand and read reports about the performance of the store.

8. Communications

Provisions to send and receive timely notifications regarding your orders are available on the panel. This way a merchant can keep his customers informed about the status of the order and receive the same via the system.

9. Content Management Systems

Content Management System is used to manage the website content such as, Logo, banner, Footer links, Policies,  and Products from the back end itself.

10. Logistics integration

Integrating logistics services allows not only seamless shipping but also ensures that the merchant and the consumer get real time courier updates along with order tracking capability. This allows the user to manage shipments from the same panel instead of approaching the courier partners separately.

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eCommerce Growth India - Market Research & Stats

Growth of eCommerce in India [Market Research]

According to reports published by International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Central Statistics Office (CSO), India is among the fastest growing economies of the world. Among several factors, a conscious patronization of online commerce, and an emergence of retail as a dominant market segment have contributed to the unprecedented growth of eCommerce in India. For the financial year 2016-17, eCommerce sales reached the US $16 billion with a projection of a seven fold growth within the next two fiscals as estimated by Morgan Stanley. By 2020 online commerce sales is expected to cross $120 billion.

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The big investment mistakes one is prone to making

Not everyone is a financial guru, the common man is bound to make some mistake while investing. While these mistakes may seem innocent and harmless but they often turn out have disastrous outcomes. And that creates quite a huge amount of stress and anxiety for the one who is investing. Here, we suggest you some ways that will help you prevent a disaster of such kind and also ways you can fix them:

Be rational when it comes to predictions

Human beings tend to be emotional and this often affects in our investment strategies. Investors often react to the highs and lows of the market in ways that are irrational. Selling stocks when the market is down is one of the common mistake undertaken by the investors. They get frustrated, lose their cool and sell their stocks when the market is down. Successful investing lies in controlling your response in dire situations and taking a rational stance in it.


Insufficient savings

Studies have shown that in the USA, 62% of citizens have less than a $1000 savings in their accounts. (Source: These figures tell us that they do not possess the sufficient amount of cash reserves to cover an emergency period. The only way out to this problem is automation of a savings account that keeps a percentage of your paycheck blocked for emergency purposes in future.


Improper retirement planning

Not only insufficient savings, but there exists a growing tendency which shows the presence of improper retirement planning among the masses. Insurance, disability coverage, college education for kids, tax complications; all these form a huge cause of stress if you do not have prior planning to handle them. And so it is important to start budgeting and planning accordingly that keeps in mind this important aspect of retirement planning.


Being conservative

More often than not people want that extra security when it comes to financial planning and tends to lose out on in the process. Your saving rate may increase your account balance but make sure you are at par with the inflation rate too. Or else you won’t be able to do much with your savings. Yes, stock markets do involve risks but the positive thing to remember is the markets always go up 🙂

Showing too much aggression

By aggression we mean greed. While playing too safe might cause you losing out on your money. Showing too much of aggression while investing also does no good. People usually get too greedy when the market starts doing well. But the thing to remember is the market goes in cycles. If there is high there will be subsequent low too. Hence too much aggression and greed might cause heavy losses.


Running after emerging trends of the market

One of the common mistakes is falling for the hype that is created by the forever emerging market trends. While falling prey to the short-term trends people often lose out on big long term money. The thing to keep in mind is that market is unpredictable in the short run, the wise thing to do is to keep eyes on the long term goal.

Investing all in one venture

diversification helps in reduction of risk management, allocating funds in different financial instruments and categories. It is useful as it helps achieve long-term goals with minimum risks. Diversifying further to invest in stocks as well as bonds reduce further risks during market swings.

Insufficient knowledge about hidden costs

Many investors are unaware of additional taxes, management fees, trading fees and proceed without any knowledge of these hidden costs. These costs are usually withdrawn from the account without you even knowing about them. So, it comes as a shock to people who are unaware of them. Therefore, it is always advisable to read and gather proper knowledge about the subject matter before investing.

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