5 Technology Trends That Will Transform Every Job!

No matter what industry you’re functioning in, your start-up or a 10 year old company cannot survive without technology. Technological advancement are revolutionising industries and their functions by leaps and bounds. These advancements are not only seen in the latest gadgets for the tech geeks, but also in the economy to drool over.

In reality, and according to the facts, in the phase of 10 years, we might lose 7 million traditional jobs because of technological advancement. The good news is – technology may lead us to lose jobs BUT, it will also create new advance jobs in the future.

In fact, we all are targeted by these technological advancements. The smarter you be, the more successful you will be (in spite of disappearance of traditional ways of working).

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Cognitive Computing


The technological advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Cognitive Computing will be the smarter way of interacting communication. The smart communication from frontline customer service reps could be outsourced to smart “bots” for a response just like humans. This would bring forward many career changes because of the technology.



Robotics and automation will take a giant leap forward, thanks to networked sensors and artificial intelligence. This advancement will take careers in designing and programming to the next level.  According to the estimations, 42% of the U.S jobs will be automated within 10 years. So, isn’t it scary and exciting at the same time?

Big Data and analytics


I’m pretty sure, that you’ve read or heard the word “Big Data and Analytics” every single time when someone talks about technological changes. And if the businesses are smart enough, they will be using data and analytics in the industries they’re in! Big data and analytics will revolutionise the traditional forms of company maintenance into a distinctive and smarter way of handling company. From sales to HR, the employees of every discipline will be on the grounds to understand the basics of big data. So, are you ready for the career shift, Mr.HR manager?

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an increasing growing topic in the business world and even outside it! Simply put, the practicality of the world would simply revolve around the on and off switch to the Internet. Yes, this will simplify things like supply chain management to analysing of data and could add an additional level of surveillance to the existing jobs. Let’s hope that the impact of LoT would be a happy change.

3D Printing

3D Printing which is also known as Additive Manufacturing will bring down positive changes in the careers. It will create many new careers in manufacturing sectors as this will allow any size company to manufacture products quickly, locally and within determined costs. And as the 3D printing technology would improve, the new materials manufactured would conceivably disrupt manufacturing in many ways. The budding designers would have a great chance with such technological advancement.

Final Words

As the technology is making its own advancement, it’s recommended that you make your career advancement too. The best way to overcome this fast paced advancement is to roll with new technologies by trainings or learning something new. Thus, in coming years, you can empower the new business world with new skills learned. And you never know – that you might just bring a revolution to the world.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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recommendation engine

Engage with your customers with our inbuilt recommendation engine!

In the immortal words of Steve Jobs –

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

A recommendation engine does absolutely the same. It’s an algorithm tool that lets the developer predict the consumer choices and cart abandonment products for references to converting the visitor into the actual customer. At Kartrocket, we offer such advanced solutions that help you increase the reach of your brand to the most dynamic audience.

Recommendation Engines basically provides personalised emails, browser push notifications and personalised SMS to the potential customers. Since they are customer-centric, they can also be modified according to the requirements of the customer.

recommendation engine

Personalized Emails

Analysing the behaviour of the user on the website, the clients can engage with the potential customers across emails. It measures the response of the user to retarget them over the best medium. The clients can automate campaign posts and monitor emails to analyse the user behaviour and response. This can be the best effort to turn your potential customers into actual ones.

Features of Personalised Emails:

  1. Abandoned cart reminders with recommendations after 1, 3, and 5 days of leaving cart

Abandoned cart emails are a great way to remind users about the products they left in their cart and suggest other similar products help them choose.

  1. Viewed product recommendations on Tuesdays and Fridays

These are the product recommendations based on the viewed products, highly personalised for every user.

  1. Upsell emails 15 days after a purchase

Upsell emails help you engage with your existing customers. We monitor your customer’s buying cycle and enable emails with the suggested products.

Personalized SMS

A set of rules can be framed by analysing the user behaviour and response. There is a very high probability that the recommendation mailer sent by you goes unread because of different customised settings of the customer’s inbox. Hence, targeting audience through SMS is the best alternative when you want to maximise your revenue.


Features of Personalised SMS:

  1. Abandoned cart reminders after 1, 3, and 5 days

Abandoned cart SMS’s are a great way to remind users about the products they left in their cart.

  1. Viewed product recommendations on Wednesdays and Saturdays

These are the product recommendations based on the viewed products, highly personalised for every user.

  1. Upsell SMS 15 days after a purchase

Upsell emails help you engage with your existing customers. We monitor your customer’s buying cycle and enable emails with the suggested products.

Browser Push

Browser Push notifications are messages that you can send to your customers or visitors on their desktops or devices even when the web page is not open. Simply put, it gives you an opportunity to re-engage with your website visitors & customers through little messages. Hence, browser push helps you to get your customer engaged with the brand perfectly.

Features of Browser Push:

  1. Abandoned cart reminders after 1,3, and 5 days

Abandoned cart browser push is a great way to remind users about the products they left in their cart.

  1. Viewed product recommendations

These are the product recommendations based on the viewed products, highly personalised for every user.

  1. Upsell push 15 days after a purchase

Upsell browser push notifications help you engage with your existing customers. You can always monitor your customer’s buying cycle and send them notifications with the suggested products.

Automate Abandoned Cart Emails, SMSs and Push Notifications

According to different statistics, mostly the e-commerce users exits the website without checking out. They have some items in their cart while they exit the website. So, this feature allows our client to send recommendations based on products of the abandoned cart. The mailers can also be used to push the customer to visit your website again. The client gets the opportunity to make the customer best understand the products and its benefits or launch personalised offers for the customers accordingly. One can say – recommendation engines are a true blessing for e-commerce owners to accurate target their audience and maximise their sales.


Here’s how you can activate the feature:

  1. Login to your admin panel, click here
  2. Navigate to Marketing > Recommendation Engine


  1. Read the description carefully and click on “Click Here” link.


  1. You will be redirected to the campaign management admin page
  2. Click on Personalised links to update the content, schedule and targeting.

manage personalized engine


Recommendation Engines helps in narrowing down a complex decision to a few recommendations that makes it feasible for the client to target the right audience with the right product to increase the profitability of their business. Since it collects pointers from a pool of data to make accurate recommendations, it also increases the covert ratio of the consumers.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

kartrocket signup

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Send Useful Information To Your Users With This Pre-Embedded Feature!

Everyone and anyone who has ever used the internet and owns an email account, would be well aware of the concept of newsletters. After all, we get them all the time in our mail, don’t we? Have you ever wondered as to why you receive these newsletters and what they really mean? If you are the owner at an eCommerce platform, you really should get all the information about newsletters and how you can use these powerful tools to bring a positive impact on user traffic to your website.

What is a newsletter?

Consider a newsletter to be a summary about you and your eCommerce platform, which you send to your customers, both existing and prospective ones, in the form of an email, that ends up being called your newsletter. This newsletter ought to be designed in an expert manner as it will contain all the vital information about your company and necessary insights into your website. This newsletter is sent out on a monthly or weekly basis, depending on the size of your operations and the frequency of new updates on your website. A well-designed newsletter catches the attention of your audience instantly and helps them bring to your eCommerce platform.

What is automation of newsletter?

There is no doubt that a newsletter acts in a major way in the scheme of things to bring valuable customers to your website. For this purpose, the concept of automation of a newsletter is introduced. The sole purpose of automating your newsletter is to bring more engagement by your customers by sending them information that is actually useful to them. For this purpose, a number of tools are provided by the KartRocket admin panel in order to automate your newsletters.

What will you find at the KartRocket admin panel to help you with automating your newsletter?

KartRocket makes a decent attempt to drive valuable traffic to your website. For this purpose, it has designed the automatic newsletter option, in order to aid our users in their quest to draw more traffic to their website. What you will find at the KartRocket admin panel are a series of templates that are essential when it comes to automating your newsletter. This also ensures that you will need no up front setup to put the template in place. So, install this feature on your eCommerce website at your convenience, without the need to engage a technical specialist to handle the stuff for you. We have made sure that with a single click, you can activate the option to send automatic newsletters to your customers. So, there are a lot of benefits to be reaped from being at the KartRocket admin panel for your eCommerce platform.

How does the automatic newsletter option work at KartRocket?

Although, you will find plenty of default templates at KartRocket for the purpose, you still have a option to edit certain settings before you make it go live to your customers. We have tried to keep things as simple and smooth for you as we could. That is the one benefit that you will certainly give us credit for.

  • Every new product arrival newsletter will be delivered to your subscriber list on Mondays only. This is the quickest way to make your customers know about new product launches at your website.
  • All trending product newsletters are sent out on Thursdays only. This option lets your users stay updated with products that are making the quick rounds on your website. This way, they can stay in fashion and keep up with your website.

How to integrate the automatic newsletter option with your KartRocket admin panel?

Before you learn about any technical thing on the subject matter, it is pertinent for you to realise that Email templates at KartRocket can only be added with our Enterprise and Platinum plans.

The details of the credit counts are as follows:


 Here’s how you can activate the feature

  • Log in to your KartRocket account and access the marketing tab on the left side.
  • You will be able to see a ‘Re-engage’ tab under the marketing head.
  • Head over to this section and choose ‘automatic newsletter’ from the top tabs.


  • Over here, you will be able to gain access to all the information about our automatic newsletter function.
  • After you have read the settings, choose to toggle the tab on the bottom to ‘on’ and allow KartRocket to manage your newsletters.


  • We charge a nominal amount for every mail after your trial period is over. You can enjoy this feature for free for an initial period of 30 days.


By using the automatic newsletter feature at KartRocket, you will be able to enjoy the benefit of drawing more and more audience to your website. Your sales targets can improve and you can enjoy the patronage of improved profits. These simple yet effective features can drive crucial audience and sales to your website.

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benefits of alt tags

Now Upload Alt Tags For All The Images In Bulk!

What are Alt text?

 Alt text (alternative text) is a word or phrase that can be inserted as an attribute with images to tell website viewers the nature or contents of an image. The alt text appears in a blank box that would normally contain the image. In a situation where image is not visible to viewer, the alternative text ensures that no information is lost.

Therefore it is very important to understand the benefits of this functionality.

Why are Alt text important?

  1. It is easy for crawlers to read the web page as text has better readability than images. Alt text is used to describe to search engines what the image is showing, allowing search engines to give users better results when performing an image search. Hence it has a significant role in Search Engine Optimization.
  1. If Images fail to load, it is the default text which is displayed in the image container. It helps viewers understand what the image is about thus giving them a purpose.
  1. Used by Screen Readers to help interpret the image a utility for visually impaired people.

How you can do it?

Step 1 : Login to your store admin panel.

Step 2 : If you already have the Bulk upload sheet, you just need to enter the details in the  fields shown in the screenshot below:

sample sheet

Step 3 : If not, you can download the sample sheet from Catalog > Import Products, Click on “Download Sample File”.


Add alt text fields in the file and Import it in the admin panel

Note: There is no specific format followed to add the alt text in the excel file, just enter the alt text that you want to be added for the image. The alt fields you add in the file needs to be mapped to the system fields as explained in Step 8.

Step 4 : Once you have the sheet with all the details filled, you need to navigate to Catalog > Import Products.


Step 5 : Click on Step 1 “Fetch Feed” to start importing products


Step 6 : Verify the details on each screen of Steps 2-3 and Click on “Save and Continue”.

Step 7 : Now, Step-4 is the important step where the mapping of the excel column fields needs to be done with the system fields. Click on each tab to map the fields in the imported sheet


Step 8 : In order to map the additional images and their respective Alt Text, go to the “Image” tab and map them. In case if you have more than 1 additional image with Alt Text, then click on “More” and map them.


Please note, the order in which you will map here, the respective Alt Text will get updated to the respective image. Refer to the below screenshot for better understanding:


After importing the Alt texts though Bulk Import method, you can go ahead and check for them in your store under Advance>Additional Image. Please refer to the attached screenshots:

Admin Panel screenshot:


Front end screenshot: 


P.S. Please note, the order in which you will map here, the respective Alt Text will get updated to the respective image.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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Automated Facebook Posts – A New Step towards Marketing of Your Brand Name

Facebook is one of the hottest social media platform and it is an effective way to reach new leads and build customer engagement with the brand. But, it works when you understand how to navigate through the noise. Standing out with content can be critical, and testing what works for you makes users understand your message at a glance. And how about engaging a customer with your brand in real time?

Facebook posts are the information that you share on your product’s Facebook page. You can keep your page updated with trends and real time information of what’s happening on the website. This proves to be the best engaging social medium with which you can increase your organic reach by 56%.

But, how can you share real-time updates with your potential customers? It’s simple you can share this through Automated Facebook Posts.

Now the question arises, why should you take Automated Facebook Posts into consideration?

In this competitive business world, you need to be smart and stay ahead. For this, the term ‘MARKETING’ has to be worked on! The Facebook Posts Automation helps you in the marketing of your brand. Somehow, this strategy lets you keep updated in front of the world by 24/7. It engages your potential customers in the most productive way. The automation tool helps you stay active on your Facebook page.


The fact is – you can’t be online all the time to update website statuses to engage customers. So, you really need to automate some Facebook tasks. But before that, you need to ask yourself why you want to market your product on Facebook?

Do you want to convert your content into sales? Or you want more loyal customer following? Or simply, you want more likes. The goals can be any of these.

But, you cannot achieve your goals by setting and forgetting attitude. You need to be creative and engaging. So, that’s when Facebook Automation comes in!


Some tasks require manual setting by natural humans. But some, can be effectively automated. The automation can be effective when –

  1. You need to decrease the time you spend on Facebook.
  2. To re-share the viral content which people like.
  3. Sharing your recent blog posts.
  4. For running a Facebook contest at multiple times to give an opportunity for participation.
  5. Sharing products, new arrivals and the trending ones.

How about making your work easy with Facebook Automation?


There are certain posts that should NEVER EVER be automated. These posts include –

  1. Posting of blogs from the third party.
  2. The following accounts on Twitter and replies on Twitter.
  3. Cross-posting of single content on all the sites. This one is the worst because you need to understand that content which works on one site may not work on another.


  1. Login to your store admin panel
  2. Navigate to Marketing > Re-engage section


  1. Click on “Auto Facebook Post” tab


  1. Scroll to the end, you will see a status bar there. Simply toggle it to “ON” to activate the feature.



Available templates

Facebook automated dynamic product posts are auto integrated in the store. In order to start using the services you need to enter you authenticated Facebook account details and verify. This is a onetime setup process, but needs to be redone if the Facebook account password changes or session deactivates.

There are default templates that we have scheduled to make things simple but you have the control to change certain settings.

Below are the list of predefined set of Facebook posts:

1. New Arrivals on Sundays

This type of posts keep your existing customers updated with the new products added in your store’s catalog.

2. Trending products on Fridays

Trending products posts helps your customer stay updated with the latest trends and fashion

3. Live feed posts daily at 10 am and 7 pm

Live Feed is a great utility carousel, it is a automated listing which keeps users updated with the products which are currently being viewed or added to cart by other users on website.

The products are fetched real time from your account and are dynamically posted on your Facebook page. However you could configure the content of the post and the time of posting.


Please Note:

Facebook templates can be added and edited only in Enterprise & Platinum Plans.


The Facebook automation is an effective way of engaging the audience with your brand. But it only works when you follow certain “Dos and Don’ts” for automation. Believe it or not, your content should work greater than automation. If your content is boring, automation of posts is of no use. Be creative and then engage the audience.

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Boost your sales & improve website conversion with our new “Dynamic Product Widgets”

In the age of constant change and crisp updates from every firm and organisation that has an online presence, the need to keep your website lively and updated has risen unexpectedly. No customer wishes to view the same landing page every second day. As a recommended feature for a successful website, Dynamic Widgets are seen as a pivotal tool to enhance the way in which your website operates. Widgets are the most authentic way to keep your content fresh, without the need for acute involvement of your tech team. This simple yet highly useful tool enables you to place new arrivals, trending products and live feed updated on any landing page, as desired.

Also, several dynamic widgets operate in tandem to user requirement by tagging their activity and displaying product matches, expressly as per their product views and related products. In this way, you can get effortless increase in your sales and also improve the way in which your customer purchases your products.

There is a plethora of expressly pertinent widgets available over here that can simplify the way in which your website operates:




Top Selling: Bring up the products, most purchased by customers, in the limelight, so that users can get an idea about what people are purchasing in general. Over time, you will discover that these products have the highest affinity of being again by another user. In spite of the need for a unique choice, users tend to focus their attention towards the trend and follow in the steps of most purchased items. This is also the perfect means to allow users who do not wish to spend time browsing or have the dearth of time to do so, for some reason.

So, for example, if during the Diwali season, indoor lightning and divas are the most sold products, your customer will be able to get information about the same.

Trending products: One thing that you can be sure of is that your customers truly want to stay updated with the products that are most in fashion and are being taken up by people more often. Trending products help a customer in examining closely what other people are shopping for and looking for in the same categories. Customers are more likely to convert their choice from a trending products page to an actual purchase.

So, for example, a particular mobile phone is getting increased number of views during a particular period, your customers will be able to get information of the same and perhaps, go by the trend and buy it as well.


New Arrivals: This is again the best means to keep your customer updated with the fresh introductions in various collections. Customers are inclined to viewing these products with more focus as the idea of a new arrival grabs their attention in terms of uniqueness. Your search engine rankings can also improve significantly this way.


Live feeds: Enable your customers to view a live feed of activity of other users. In this way, your users can keep track of a variety of products. This widget opens up the possibility for a user to explore those sections of the product ranges, which were previously unknown to him. They can view which products have been recently brought by other customers and also what other people are viewing at present.


Recommended products: This widget takes cues from the browsing sessions of the user and previous behaviour, thus generating personalized recommendations for the user. This is the easiest way to let your customer view the products that he is already expecting. If a customer has search history, wish list and category views of Teas, then the widget will help you display the best brands of tea to the customer, so that he can make a purchase instantly.


Recently viewed: Allows customers to view products, based on their most recent browsing history. You can easily allow a customer to recall the products that he was browsing for during the last sessions on the website. So, let’s say that your customer was looking for mobiles on your website but couldn’t make a choice and ended his session on a day. When he returns to the website the next time, he will be able to take a view of the mobiles he had viewed previously, thus increasing the chances that the customer might actually buy it.




Trending products: Let your customers take a view of the products that are making the headlines in the day. Your users are more likely to grab a product from the trending section as they are inclined to purchase products that let them stay in the current fashion. For example, if a particular brand of tea is making the most sales in the category of teas, this widget will display the information for the customer, thus making it easy for him to buy that tea.

New Arrival category page: Let your customers explore the new arrivals in different categories across your product selections and keep your website updated in a manner where your customers can easily get aware of new product arrivals across different categories.

Top selling category page: Every category of product is deemed to have a typical collection of products that are usually bought the most by customers. This can be due to high utility or affliction towards a particular brand or quality of a product. Help your customers in choosing these products, by displaying the top selling products in different category of products.

Trending products category page: Let your customers view the trending products across various product categories. This widget allows a quick peek into the most trending products in different categories of products so that your customers can choose a product across a particular product category, easily and quickly.




Bought products:

Another interactive widget for your Ecommerce platform is the bought together widget. Display an array of products that are generally bought together with a particular product, so that your customer can be introduced to similar products that he can utilise with the first product. This feature allows your sales graph to increase significantly and merits addition to your Ecommerce platform for this sake. For example, while your customer is viewing a particular mobile, this widget will combine products like compatible phone cases or headphones, to display along with the product has brought together products.

Related products:

This widget is perhaps the supreme form of shopping for most users. While ecommerce opens up the chance to view a thousand products in a go, people often fail to make a choice for the best product, in spite of the variety. In this scenario, a related products tab, helps them explore and choose a product that fits their desire for shopping for the product. By displaying similar products, the widget opens up a whole new category of products for the customers, owing to which, many times, a customer also ends up buying products that he never intended to, in the first place. For example, while browsing for a watch of a particular brand, the widget will also display a host of other watches from other brands in the same price range and specifications as entered by the customer.


People who viewed this also viewed that:

Another innovative widget, this one allow your customer to get unasked advice on which products he can consider before actually buying them. For Example, the widget will display several other options in the product category, which will help the customer to move over the product he is presently viewing, in case he cannot make up his mind to buy it.


How can you integrate these in your Kartrocket Store?

  1. Login to your stores admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Marketing Section > Convert Traffic
  3. You will see the list of widgets, just toggle the status On or OFF to activate or deactivate


  1. Widgets can be edited for some basic visibility changes like Heading & Sort Order


  1. Heading is the title of the widget & Sort order is the sequence visible on the front end.


  1. Click on Save for the changes to be saved.


These widgets can be placed through a strategic mapping at specific locations on your website. Depending upon the traffic and user choices, you can make selection form the available widgets and include those that you consider, more appealing to the customer. However, if you consider including all of these widgets on your website, you may do so as well. In any case, the popularity of your products and sales patterns are expected to see a sky high range as soon as you include these widgets as a part of your mainstream operations on your Ecommerce platform.

In order to choose a widget, you can visit the Kartrocket panel and make your selection. The store design section will provide you with access to the different widget features that can be included on your Ecommerce platform. We offer highly customisable options to our customers as well. Modify and amend your widget as much as you like and place it on your website. We offer a very flexible approach for choosing and installing such widgets on your website.


To sum it up, you should really look forward to the rise in your sales, once you install these dynamic widgets on your Ecommerce platform. The growth in sales can be as unprecedented as your belief in the idea of widgets. However, your perception of online sales is set to take a ride when you will see your sales booming after the inclusion of these widgets on your website.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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Why the world is going crazy for “Google’s Allo – a smart messaging app”?

Messaging has taken a new form in the past few years. With the launch of apps like Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Line and WeChat, messaging has been more than just communicating via simple texts. Google, a brand known for its innovative approach to anything that it touches has launched a fresh new app to cater to your messaging needs and they call it Allo. With the market brimming with so many messaging apps, what new can Google offer? This has been the prime question in the minds of every user ever since its launch. When Google already has Google Hangouts which serves the same purpose then why having would they want another competing app? Well, by the end of this, you’ll perhaps have an answer to this.

Before we jump to the features of Allo, let’s take a quick overview on Allo as an instant messages platform.

The good

  • Available on both iOS and Android
  • Features a digital assistant
  • Incognito mode erases conversations
  • Supports end to end encryption

The Bad

  • Video calling not supported
  • Limited Features
  • No control over read receipts

Bottom Line

It’s just been days that Allo has entered the market, so there are obviously going to be some limitations, and drawbacks. But it’s all knowing Google Assistant bot definitely sets it ahead of the competitors.

Features of Allo

Not just the developers but some experts, reviewers and users have also labelled Allo as smart messaging app. You may be wondering, why? Here let’s take a list of the features that well justifies its smartness.

The Google Assistant

Called by many as Android’s answer to iOS’s Siri, this artificial intelligence assistant is everything you want it to be. It is informative, witty, funny at times and most importantly intelligent. Google is back in the artificial intelligence domain after Google Now and relies heavily on its technology for Allo. The Google assistant is available just as a preview edition but has answers to almost all your queries. Also, it makes a nice companion if you ever get bored. Google wants you to use it as your personal assistant and by the looks of it, they are putting a whole lot of efforts into the assistant.

google allo

Search within messages

This is something brilliantly implemented in Allo. Many a times, you need to close a chat app and then search for something online to respond back to the person you are communicating with. Now with Google Allo, you need to just type in @google within the message and the assistant answers you. This seems to be a great feature with various use cases in day to day lives. Google is trying to make it easier for you to search for things you would like within the chat itself and it’s extremely convenient.

google allo

Auto Suggestions

Auto suggestions is something Google is quite focused on. It wants to reduce the time and effort you spend while typing a text and it does this brilliantly. Even suggestions in your normal language show up once you start chatting enough. For instance, if you have been using too much Hindi while communicating, Hindi word suggestions, based on the words used by you will also show up. Since it is purely based on artificial intelligence, the auto suggestions are quite natural, usable and surprisingly good.

Picture recognition

Google proved its capability of handling pictures intelligently by way of its Google Photos last year and it continues to amaze us with Allo as well. When someone sends you a picture, you will receive automatic suggestions based on what the response to the picture can be. This is astonishing for the users who see it for the first time ever. The suggestions are almost accurate all the time and they will keep becoming better over time.

Doodling on pictures

Before you send someone a picture, Allo gives you the ability to doodle on pictures. This comes handy on various occasions and is something users expect from a messaging app.


New text formatting

There are features to make your text bold or italic but to make your text large or small is something unique in Allo. It lets you express what you mean by changing the size of the text. There are two options where you can make your text larger than usual and the other where you can make the text look smaller than the normal font. This is an interesting feature that will be adopted by many while chatting.

Incognito chats

This is Google’s way of ensuring privacy for the users as they enable end to end encryption in this section. Also, you can set a time limit to the chat after which it will disappear. The feature is great for a particular set of users who want to have a quick private chat without letting others know even if they open the app.


The big challenge to Whatsapp

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the number one messaging app in the world courtesy its user base equivalent to popular of several countries combined. But if you notice, none of the unique features listed above are available on Whatsapp, as of today. Thus, Allo certainly has some serious advantages on its side when it comes to futuristic features. Artificial intelligence is surely going to be huge and Allo makes the most out of it. Also, it comes from Google, the powerhouse of internet, you surely have a bigger name to trust. Even Whatsapp is acquired by Facebook and it has the company’s backing but Google can harness its technological power to do something really innovative in this space.

Presently, Whatsapp and FB messenger lead the messaging bandwagon by a huge margin and Allo has just entered the race, but it definitely has a long way to go. Allo holds the capability to overtake them both if the app is steered the right way.

Google has already made it clear that they won’t introduce voice and video calling options in Allo unlike many other chatting apps. Rather, Google has also launched another app called Duo for the same purpose. Certainly Google is eyeing to integrate both of these apps in the future to create a seamless experience for users. With such innovative features and a futuristic approach, Allo might prove to be a strong challenge to Whatsapp as well as other market leaders in the messaging apps category.

Privacy and Security

This is where Whatsapp comes into the forefront as it has recently announced that they are making the whole app end to end encrypted. This was a great move concerning the privacy of the users. One of the startling revelations that Google did was to mention that Allo is not end to end encrypted. Which in layman’s language means, Google can see all the data that you share in the form of text, pictures, videos or anything else through Allo. Activists like Edward Snowden have also voiced their concerns over Google Allo as they term it highly unsafe for those who care about their data privacy.

Whatsapp will definitely lead in this segment and Allo may never be able to catch up with it since artificial intelligence requires data and end to end encryption means no data to feed at all. No one would like their texts to be monitored and thus, Google must come up with privacy policies that respect a user’s privacy.

Wrapping up

For the next few years, Whatsapp seems to be winning the messaging war by maintaining its lead. However, Allo will definitely get a set of users who are enthusiastic about the unique features that the app provides. People who don’t care much about their privacy will not have any issues using Allo as their primary online messaging app. In the future, Google may also keep Allo as the default messaging app on all the Android smartphones which is basically 80% of the market. It could be a game changer if this happens and also a fine integration with Google Duo will boost many users for the app.

Hopefully, Whatsapp will continue to be simplistic and quick enough to use in the future too. They definitely need to boost up their features to compete with something like Allo, which will soon become a personal assistant for people along besides just being a regular smart messaging app. No matter which app you use for messaging, Google Allo is definitely worth a try.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.

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Improve user conversion and discovery with our new marketing engine

Upgrade your Kartrocket store to “intelligence commerce”

Wouldn’t it be great if your web store could automatically create recommended product lists for users based on their browsing behavior on your site?
How about use data and intelligence of over all visitors to recommend similar products to view or buy?
And if it could pull out the best products in each category automatically and make browsing and discovery easier for your users?

Well now you can! We’ve bundled these powerful marketing features with all our plans so you sit back and run your business, while our algorithms help you create user delight and improve conversions by as much as 40%!

Lets talk about some of these features:

A. Trending in Category

If you see the example from Zubiya.com below, this serves as a great discovery tool for users to find the best products in a certain category (wallets in this case) and is automatically merchandised based on real-time data on views and conversions.


B. Live Feed

This is a really cool one to add to your home page. Let your users discover what other users are adding to their carts, viewing and liking right now! Checkout an example from TalkingThreads.in.

C. Recommended Products

We’re using proven recommendation algorithms to predict products that users will like to buy and place this right on the homepage. This is great for repeat users and has shown to improve conversions by 3x for repeat users. Here’s how it looks on Zubiya.com.

D. Viewed This, Also Viewed That

Amazon has been doing this forever. Use visitor generated data to recommend products based on a current product your users are viewing. The idea is to enable the best discovery (and ultimately conversion) experience for your buyers.

So get ready to put your discovery and merchandising on auto-pilot and enable these exciting features in your admin area today!


You can activate this on your store by going to Marketing > Convert Traffic > Widgets from the left menu in your Kartrocket admin area.

Following is a complete list of all widgets available with this product upgrade:

1. Recently Viewed

Let users easily access their browsing history whenever they visit your site by going back to products they’ve recently viewed.

2. Top Selling Products (across website)

Shows users the most sold products across the website. This should help your users quickly discover the most converting products and will help you boost sales.

3. Top Selling Products (for a category)

Shows users the most sold products in the current category the user is on. This should help users discover better and reach a purchase decision quicker.

4. New Arrivals (across website)

Auto merchandize the latest products being added on your website on the homepage to keep it fresh. Freshness of content not only helps your search engine rankings it also helps convert repeating users coming back. Even for new users, all you need to do is add your products and this widget will automatically merchandize on your home page.

5. New Arrivals (for a category)

Auto merchandize the latest products being added on your website on a certain category page to keep it fresh. Freshness of content at a category page level not only helps your search engine rankings it also helps convert repeating users coming back. Even for new users, all you need to do is add your products to a category and this widget will automatically merchandize on your category page.

6. Trending Products (across website)

While the most sold products will definitely help boost conversions, products with a high number of views helps get the discovery process started. Also, your site will have a lot more views than buys, so automatically this is a great widget to boost discovery and user experience. You can use the homepage widget to show data for most viewed products across the site.

7. Trending Products (for a category)

Similar to the widget for the homepage, the trending products widget on the category page helps in showing the most viewed products within that category. The intention is to use data on product views and generate lists of products on the top of the page in real-time that can help other users discover and then convert better.

8. Recommended Products

This is a one of it’s kind algorithm that can automatically generate personalized recommendations for your users based on your previous behavior. Several parameters such as product view history, category view history, purchase history, wishlist history, add to cart history and repeat purchase behavior are taken into consideration to build a robust list of recommendations that are bound to wow your users. Retain your user base by showing them just the products they’re expecting to see — all on autopilot!


Product Page Widgets

9. Related Products

Automatically show products related to the current product user is viewing.
People Who Viewed This Also Viewed That
Use wisdom of the crowds to generate a list of products based on user views. So if 100 people view a product, say a Black Leather Bag and the same 100 people also view a Red Leather Belt, both products will show up on each other’s widget. This is a great widget to boost discovery and to eliminate “dead ends” when users don’t find the product they like and scroll to the bottom to find other products like the one they’re currently viewing.

10. People Who Bought This Also Bought That

Similar to views (described above), you can boost conversions by showing products to users that are frequently bought together. This greatly helps upselling (and cross selling to some extent). Large e-commerce marketplaces have been doing it for ages. Now you can do it too!

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PayU Money upgraded to V2 for better real-time tracking in KartRocket Store!

We are glad to announce that the upgraded version of ‘PayU Money’ payment gateway is now available in KartRocket admin panel by the name of ‘PayU Money V2’.

You can now integrate with the updated version of the app and keep track of all your online payments. With ‘PayU Money V2’ you have the facility to get complete information about the various stages of the payment. In the single screen, you can easily get all the transaction ids for the various stages which could be very helpful for backtracking. The features also help you serve your customers better as you will now have complete information about the order status, whether it is pending at the Bank’s end or failed. In the earlier version, the payment status used to take around 1-2 hrs to reflect in the store.

Payment tracking would be visible in the Order History section of the admin panel. For all the orders which are paid by choosing the new app as a option the tracking would be updated in the comments section

‘Order History’ screen of admin panel:

To integrate with the updated version of ‘PayU Money’, please follow below steps :

  1. Login to your store admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Payment Options Section and find ‘PayU Money’ & ‘PayU Money V2’ apps.
  3. Install ‘PayU Money V2’ app.
  4. Open settings of ‘PayU Money’ & ‘PayU Money V2’ apps in separate tabs.
  5. Copy the payment setting from ‘PayU Money’ to ‘PayU Money V2’ app.
  6. Please change the ‘Name’ field in ‘PayU Money V2’ app with the label you want to show on the storefront.
  7. Place a test order choosing the updated ‘PayU Money V2’ option as a payment method.
  8. Once the order is successfully placed and the payment tracking is visible in the back end, go ahead and uninstall the ‘PayU Money’ app.

Please find below the Setting Screen for ‘PayU Money V2’ app 

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Kartrocket Security

Move Your Store to Kartrocket’s Iron Tight Secure Hosting

Online security is our business.

This is one of the key reasons we built Kartrocket so our merchants don’t have to bother with hassles around hosting and security. We’ve built our platform stack so merchants can just plug our platform into their existing IT infrastructure and leverage our word class hosting and security capabilities. Our focus on website speed and security is that of continuous improvement and have a dedicated infrastructure and network management team responsible for this. We want to strengthen the commerce ecosystem in India and want our merchants to feel safe with trusting their brands with Kartrocket.

I will just highlight a few salient security features you get when you host your ecommerce website with Kartrocket:

  1. Denial of Service (DOS) Protection: since an ecommerce website is open to the world, as is any other site on the internet, we could be targeted by hackers and spammers who could force floods of traffic causing your website to slowdown, or worse, shutdown. However, Kartrocket’s infrastructure is fully protected as we introduce multiple layers of networking defense in between where the traffic never hits us. We use a combination of Akamai’s edge security as well as internal application firewalls to immediately detect and divert any such malicious traffic headed our way. While 99% of such attacks are diverted automatically, we also have a team that monitors our networks 24×7 to avoid any disruption to website uptime.

  2. Protection of Financial Information: since we do not store your customer’s financial information (credit card, debit card, etc) and rely on our partner payment gateways, there is no threat of this information ever leaking out. All payment gateways in India are PCI compliant and are required to implement deep measures to secure sensitive financial information. Since we utilize their infrastructure to process payments, we are never at risk of losing or leaking this data in any way.
  3. Multi-Level Access Control: we have multi-factor access control built into our platform so as to protect access to your data.
    1. Admin login control: we do not allow attackers to “brute-force” a login into your admin area. We proactively block such attempts and ban the attacker’s IP.
    2. Sensitive reports and customer data: we do not allow anyone to download sensitive data from your admin area (such as product exports, customer exports and order exports). The same are automatically saved on a secure storage and a link is emailed to your registered email address.
    3. Admin area audit trail: every update operation in your admin area is tracked (and reportable) with usernames. Even if you are availing of help or support from a Kartrocket team member, you can always go back and check the log to identify who made changes to your store on your behalf.
  4. Automated Fraud Detection: we understand how important your business is to you, and continuously work towards building tools and features that help you minimize chances of fraud on your Kartrocket store.
    1. We have tools such as COD Verification, where buyers are required to validate their COD order with a one time OTP so that you’re well aware of the seriousness of the buyer. This will help you be smoother with operations and also help you control COD returns.
    2. We actively blacklist IPs which display unusual browsing patterns on the website, or make requests to illegal URLs. This allows us to proactively block any attempts at compromising security.
  5. Best In Class Infrastructure Providers: We secure all end-points on our platform under a locked down network zone accessible only by limited individuals with the highest clearance in our team. Further, we utilize the best and the most scalable hosting companies in the world:
    1. Akamai: we use Akamai, which is world’s leading content security and edge optimization platform to serve your customer facing website. This allows us to serve your website faster than any of your competitors and also allows us to make your site hosting more secure.
    2. AWS: we run all of our databases, load balancers, application servers, back up servers and image storage on AWS (Amazon Web Services). This allows us to leverage AWS’ secure and scalable infrastructure to ensure we’re able to serve any amount of traffic your website may generate and still deliver a smooth end-user experience for your Kartrocket website.
    3. Robust backups: we run multiple level of backups to ensure business continuity in case of catastrophe. Our hot swap provisions ensure that we can get our servers up and running in no time in case there is a disaster situation or a natural calamity.

Our infrastructure and engineering teams continuously work towards improving the security and scalability of your Kartrocket store, so your customers get only the best experience when they buy from your website on Kartrocket.

Following are a few other tools we provide on the front of security. You can click on those links to learn more.

  1. Custom SSL Certificates
  2. Kartrocket’s Secure API
  3. Secure Store Report Exports
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