Designing the Brand Logo Easily With These Online Logo Makers

A logo represents the face of a business and lends an identity to an organization. Whether you are starting a business or have been there for years, taking a look at the logo of your business is an important task. The good thing is that you have an array of online logos in the modern day world that are available for free. The idea is to turn a log into a brand that will highlight the products and the services of your organization in a seamless manner and attract the attention of your target audience.

Have a glimpse of these free online logo makers and ideas that can be used for creating designs that match the requirements of your business.

Free Logo Design

This is one of the best tools for creating logos that resonate with your business without downloading anything from the internet. All that you have got to do is to type the name of your company and choose the category. As soon as you choose three or more designs that suit your purpose, you can make changes or edit the logo to make it more identifiable with your business. Not only do you have the opportunity to choose from a vast range of designs bit create logos within the shortest span of time with this free online tool.


Wondering whether it is possible to create logo within a few minutes? You can now put an end to your worries as you can look through a range of logos that are fully customized and finding one that matches the type of business, name, and slogan can make all the difference. Once the tool selects the type of your business, it starts generating designs that suit the requirements of your company and the best thing about this tool is that you can get designs and patterns in different formats when utilizing it for logo generation.

Logo Snap

Designing stunning and attractive logos have now become easy with this free online tool that requires you to follow three steps to create a logo that suits the type of your business. Not only is the process of creating logo simple but you get the desired one for your business.

The logo is one of the most crucial aspects of a business and it can take a brand to the pinnacle no matter what products or services are offered by an organization. A logo must be competitive and convey the thoughts and ideas of the business in an effective manner. With the help of online tools, it is possible to create a logo that can create an appealing effect among your target audience. These tools can be easily used to create logos for your KartRocket Store

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Include API Key To Use Map In Your KartRocket Store

Google Maps API is a great way to create engaging web and mobile applications, its a powerful mapping platform, including driving directions, street view imagery and more.

Some of the key benefits of the API are:

Get Local Data
Provide your application with full access to Google’s worldwide database of over 100 million business listings and points of interest with Google Places APIs.
Give your user the best route
With driving directions for 199 countries, the Directions API allows you to help users find their way to your shop, hotel or other destinations.
Get full access
Let your users see where they’re going before they even get there with visually accurate street view imagery.
Google has updated its ‘Maps API’ to include ‘API Key’ as a mandatory field in addition to Latitude & Longitude. In sync to the same, we have implemented the option for entering the key in your KartRocket store.

Please follow the below steps to generate the unique API Key for your website:

  • Go to this link and click ‘Get A Key’ button


  • Choose ‘Yes’ & click on ‘Agree and continue’ to proceed


  • Choose a name for your unique key and specify the websites on which the key will be placed. Then click on Create.


  • Copy your websites API key, and click OK


You’re now ready with your unique API Key.

Please follow the below steps to integrate it in your KartRocket store:

  • Login to your store’s admin panel
  • Navigate to ‘Store Design->Theme Settings->Pages Setting->Contact ‘section.




  • Locate API Key field and paste the key value generated from Google.


P.S. – Please keep in mind that every key comes with a 25,000 map loads per website, although multiple projects could be created.

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Crudeco – Private label brand for the youth to get affordable & trendy designs

We have the story of Crudeco with us, it is simple yet very different from the rest. The brand is an idea by 2 friends – Mithun and Vivek. Both were crazy about fashion and wanted to have their signature brand for the young and the rebellious ones. They wanted to give the youth a taste of the modern trend in an affordable budget.

Crude entered the apparel market at a time when there are thousands of options available for the consumer. But what unique they have to offer is a raw concoction of products that will help you stand apart.

How did you come up with the idea of creating your own store?

We brainstormed different options and finally decided to come up with a website that is unique bold and international in style. We didn’t want to follow the market leaders. We wanted to be new and stylish. And there comes KartRocket.

crudeco unique products

What is so unique about your online store?

Our store design itself is unique. We tried our best to be first of its kind. In our products too we tried to bring new and unique styles. We wanted to experiment new styles. Bring those styles that other indian brands haven’t tried their hands on. Also we work with young bright minds – Our USP is that we promote designers as much as their designs.

What were the major challenges did you face while starting up?

Financially we had no backing. It was just our whole career saving that we used, We did not involve investors and had no business knowledge. Had no contacts or mentors. We had to start from the scratch. We hit several roadblocks. Our launch was delayed for months due to production issue, website customization, logistics and warehousing issues. Both of us were working professionals, we had a really hard time managing our life and our dreams. It was tiring and exhausting but we enjoyed every moment of it.

Any learning you want to share with fellow entrepreneurs?

Rebel the world. Follow your dreams. Never give up because my friends you have just one life to be YOU. So be you. You may fail but only to win later. Do not stop until you win

How was your experience with KartRocket?

Awesome. A million thanks to the team for being the best team i could hope for. They listened to every needs i had and gave their best to deliver the same. Yes it took time but i’m happy how the site turned up. Thank you KartRocket for delivering to my expectations. And i would like to thank the account managers for taking special interest in our store to shape it to international standards and coming up with suggestions and improvements.

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5 Common Qualities Which You Must Adopt To Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Fortunately or unfortunately, setting up an online business is no fairy tale. There are no shortcuts in the journey of being a successful entrepreneur. It takes hard work, persistence, and so many other qualities and characteristics for succeeding as a victorious entrepreneur. Recent studies reveal that most of the startups follow comparable patterns blindly to succeed in the race of being successful, without even understanding their own basic characteristics and uniqueness. Some follow business motivators, while few others follow the path mentioned in books that claims to know the secret of business success. But for the most part, these shortcut-to-success precautions only help to rise a little of their confidence level, not for a successful entrepreneurship.


Being a standout entrepreneur means more than just starting a new business venture. It means to develop the right attitude and responsiveness towards the business, and the concrete-strong determination to achieve success. The most crucial thing to remember here is the transformation for a top entrepreneur doesn’t just happen overnight. For some, it may take months while for some others it can take years or even decades to achieve it. However, there is a list of certain characteristics that will help start-ups to navigate their way, from bottom to top. Passion, motivation, positive attitude, and perseverance tend to set the pillars of best entrepreneurship. These attributes are required to be cultivated with innate skills and few sparkling tips to build the structure for a successful entrepreneurship.

Let’s have a brief view on these prime elements that will support your journey to transform into a smart, successful and leading entrepreneur.

Do What You Love

Sometimes having a great passion can be the key to keeping your business strategy running. half- heartedness will drive away your success for an entrepreneurial endeavor. We do business for personal satisfaction, stability, enjoyment, and financial gain. The sum of your business result will be the return that you will eventually put back into your business. If you don’t have enough satisfaction or don’t enjoy what you are doing, eventually the result will reflect in your business succeed. In all likelihood, you won’t success. So, it’s crucial to put 100% of your effort to the one thing that you love to do, whether it’s a job or an entire company.


Self-Promote Yourself

If you have confidence in your own words, then self-promotion can be a great weapon in your business arsenal to win your business visions. Self-promotion is one the most underutilized marketing tool among start-up entrepreneurs, yet the most beneficial one selected and successfully utilized by most of the globally renowned and top entrepreneurs. The more you promote, eventually the more your business, products, services and even your personal abilities will be promoted. Whereas a small portion of individuals think self-promotion is not necessary for business success, but most of the business gurus and even leading entrepreneurs advice to use self-promote techniques.


Know Your Customers

Customer satisfaction can be the most significant competitive edge for start-up and growing entrepreneurs over their larger competitors. Less number of satisfied customers can backlash your business face badly. Try to get involved with your customers, whether they are near you for a simple query or to purchase a whole batch of good. By hearing their specific needs and providing personal attention, you can win over your customers for repeat business. Even most of the business stats show that the most business (approx. 80%) will come from repeat customers rather than the new ones. Therefore, to long run your business stats in the high end, you have to make happy your regular customers.


Build a Team of Experts

The fact is, no one can be good at everything. To be successful, you need people around you with best complimentary skill sets best suited for your business. Build a team with committed members as like you, and the success will be a sure shot for you. Find the smartest people who complement your strength and business views. A great business team will not only help you with best innovations, they will also enhance your business reputation to the highest level. A team with inventive, brainstorming, hard-working, dedicated and of course also well-wishers will help you reach all the milestones that you have ever dreamed of.


Right Attitude

Always remember, the attitude of the leader will set the future tone for the business. Stay long-long away from negativity, waste of time & money, and laziness to stay in a good business reputation. Success largely depends on mistakes, but accepting the mistakes and going forward with its lesson are few statistics that turns only success to a great success. Face your challenges, call for help from your team members, work as a member of the team, and it will evolve you – a business owner to a great business leader.


Starting and operating a business can be difficult on the owner’s personal life. While taking care of above necessities, also don’t forget to take care of yourself, both mentally and physically. Sleep well, have a good diet plan, and do exercise to stay fit and ensure a successful central role in your business organization. Your team members drive motivation and attitude from you, so socialize with them to motivate. Create a schedule to take time off. Give yourself a backup hour or two to make peace with your body, mind, and soul. A healthy body with a sharp mind can crack locks for business success easily.

Are you a start-up entrepreneur? Want some extra boost for your business? Then, why don’t you go online? Get in touch with us at KartRocket to transform your traditional business into an e-commerce one. We have best, experienced, industry-leading e-commerce experts to help you with e-commerce business transformation. Let us help and ensure best business success for your entrepreneurial career.


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KartRocket Store Now Supports GIF Images

KartRocket platform now supports ‘GIF images’, you can easily upload them in the gallery section. Uploaded Images can further be used as a logo, web banner or in Product Images.

Here’s why you should have a GIF image in your store:

  1. Display multiple images in single image – GIF is really handy when you have lots of products to show. Instead of creating gallery of pictures you can show everything in one GIF.
  2. Movement Attracts Attention – People love visual information because it’s easy to consume it. They get all the information in the single view.
  3. Stand Out from the Competition – A banner with a lovely GIF will have much bigger visibility than your competitors with images.
  4. Open in all browsers without plugin – Gif’s are the best alternative if you want to show any animation in your store, they are light to use & compatible with all browsers.


All set, for uploading GIF images in your KartRocket store you must follow standard image upload steps.

For example, If you want to upload GIF image in products, follow these steps

1. Login to Store Admin Panel.

2. Go to ‘Catalog’ and navigate to ‘Manage Products’.


3. Choose the product for uploading the Gif image.


4. Click on ‘Edit icon’.

5. Scroll down to locate ‘Product Images’ section and click ‘Browse’.


6. Browse to the image location & upload it in the image gallery.


7. Select the uploaded image to be visible at the front end.


Please ensure that the maximum size of the file should be less than 500Kb.

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Are Your Measuring Your ECommerce Business Against The Right KPIs?

For an online business to reach extraordinary success milestones business owners not only require to attentive but they also needs an absolute list of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) to make sure the steady improvement for the business. Knowing the crucial facts that need to be measured for optimum growth of an eCommerce business will give them an upper hand for maintaining their online business properly with outstanding profits. We tell you how should select the appropriate KPIs for your business.

How to Define the Right KPIs for Your ECommerce Store?

The answer to this question completely depends on different factors of your eCommerce business. There are no arranged or pre-determined steps to choose the KPIs, but there are many consideration points you should always follow. As an eCommerce owner, you have to first start your business defining its future objectives and then link them to the most appropriate KPIs to measure the future goals of your eCommerce business in a proper and beneficial way.

New eCommerce owners don’t need too many KPIs to implement in the starting phase. Business experts recommend 4 – 10 to KPIs for new eCommerce owners depending on the company strength, manpower, budget, target areas, and other crucial business facts. Proper KPI selection starts with clearly defining, measuring and understanding the business areas that you want to impact with your primary goals.

The most important KPI’s for any business could be:

  1. Boosting your sales & marketing
  2. Increasing your conversion rate
  3. Improving customer loyalty or streamlining your business operations


All of the potential KPIs we discussed above are directly related and result-oriented to the core business goals. So, you have to determine your core business goal first and then measure your KPIs according to them in second.

Different KPIs for Different Industry

The choice of KPIs is always different for every eCommerce industry according to its business model. One thing to seriously remember, the choice of KPIs will greatly influence your online business model. The KPIs you choose should be must based on the niche of the industry in which you are operating your eCommerce business. For example, a software-based eCommerce business will focus its KPIs for higher customer acquisition, while a product selling eCommerce business will focus on its sales department.

Segment Your KPI Data

It’s really crucial that you segment your KPI data as much as you can possible. For example, if you have marketing department as your KPI, then it can be segmented by site traffic, customer time on the website, total page views per visit, social media followers, total sessions initiated, the number of quality product reviews, etc. If you are new to KPI and unfamiliar with different KPI segments, simple visit Google Analytic helpline to learn more about this criteria. It is important to look on this stage carefully because the results you will get depend on it.

Focus on Few Crucial KPIs

As you begin to select KPIs for your eCommerce business, you should be aware that the less but crucial number of KPIs you choose, the better results you will get. Try to focus on few necessary KPI metrics at beginning. As we previously discussed, every industry niche has its own crucial KPIs that should be focused on, you should try to focus on just a few key KPIs at first. Improve, implement and achieve them, and then move to the next segment of KPI selection.


5 Great KPIs for an ECommerce Business

  • Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is one of the most crucial KPI metrics to focus on for every eCommerce owner. Break your conversion rate KPI to segments like email conversion rate, email registration conversion rate, pay per click conversion rate, referral program conversion rate, checkout page conversion rate, etc. in order to get most out of this KPI section. The conversion rate KPI will affect the outcome of our eCommerce business directly.


  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

This KPI metric will create the most financial impact in the quickest time for your eCommerce business. The visitors who made it to your cart or checkout page and ready to hand over their money, but they left! Measuring the cart abandonment rate for your eCommerce business will help you in taking action to improve it.

  • AOV – Average Order Value

ECommerce owners should add AOV as a key KPI to use the data for cross-sell, test up-sell, and other promotional marketing methods, which will ultimately increase Average Order Value for your eCommerce website significantly.


  • TCR – Task Completion Rate

Measuring TCR will define you the exact reasons about your site performance straight from the customers themselves. This will allow you to know and implement the necessary changes that customers want from you, not what you think should be best for your online business.


  • Visitor Loyalty

This performance indicator will the measure the exact amount of people that are returning back to your eCommerce portal frequently and engaging with your online business. The visitor loyalty report will help eCommerce owners identifying the most dedicated visitors to their online business, so that they can prepare special marketing plans for them and retain the same line of customers for a long time.


The point of this article is to help eCommerce business owners to discover the most appropriate Key Performance Indicators for their business use, so that they can be benefitted with higher business reach and profit.

Need help for your eCommerce website? Contact us at KARTROCKET today. We have industry experienced eCommerce professionals to help you reach your online business goals in the quickest time period. Our online business portal is your one-stop solution point for all advanced and trending eCommerce needs. Get in touch with our experts now to discuss your eCommerce queries. We will be happy to help you.

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Looking For An Idea For Your Next Start-up, You Must Do These Cool Things

Deciding to start an online business may look like an exciting journey, but it has several crucial stages that new entrepreneurs have to go through before they reach the peak of success. Each and every step in a new online business will present you a unique challenge as well as an opportunity to go through a modern e-business environment to gain outstanding online business knowledge. Whether to choose a user attracting product for your online business or validating its market before you start selling it, there’s always a lot to learn for online business owners according to the trending market needs.

One of the biggest challenges for new online entrepreneurs starting their own online business is to figure out what products they should actually sell online. You just can’t start an online business and begin selling your best desired products. In this scenario, your online business will go through really-really bad days, because it will not have the exact potential for your targeted market places that every start-up business needs in its primary days to climb up in the business ladder.


In an effort to help start-up entrepreneurs, we have analyzed and included the best places advised by Sales, Marketing and Product Development experts to get ideas for your start-up online business products in this knowledge gaining section of ours. This comprehensive guide will help you and every new entrepreneur interested in starting online business to zero-in the product and niche selection for e-business. Let’s begin then.

Brainstorm Your Ideas First

Start-up entrepreneurs should always go with the market trends, that doesn’t mean you throw out your entire dream product plan before you even start. Maybe it’s your product idea that you have been planning for years will suit your recent circumstances the most, or sometimes may not be. It’s always worth taking the risk, who knows at some point it would be very best idea you ever come with. Consider what products, industry or niches you are interested to start your business and just go with it for further processing.


Check Your Local Community Needs

Traditional marketing and businesses have been around way longer than this new age online business counterpart. Sometime paying attention to your local community needs can be useful to direct you to the best product list that you require for your e-commerce business. It will help you to create the perfect, unique, easy-to-promote and most importantly most profitable e-commerce business with a clear concept to the local consumers’ needs.


Follow Online Trend Publications

Following top consumer product trend publications can direct start-up entrepreneurs to great ideas for introducing their own product line-ups. Online trend publications will help you to expose new and exciting product industries and niches that you have absolutely no knowledge previously. This will help you design your own new products for your e-commerce business. Popular online trend publication websites such as Trend Watch, Springwise and Trend Hunter, are floating with numerous business and product ideas for you to use.


Follow the Ideal Industry Leaders

Use various online tools to discover the latest online industry influence and match them with your pre-determined product list. User-friendly online tools such as Topsy, FollowerWonk, and LittleBird can help you know the specific industry trends accurately.


Keep Constant Eye on Product Review Blogs

Consumer product review sites can be ideal source to take ideas for your new e-commerce business products. These websites curate products on daily basis, from which you can view new and interesting product niches to adopt ideas for your new e-commerce product lunch. You can easily follow popular product review blog websites such as Uncrate, Gear Moose, Cool Material, Bless This Stuff, Werd, HiConsumption, etc. to get new product ideas.


Watch Over Wholesale Marketplaces

If you already have an idea of your product, check out online wholesale marketplaces to gain new ideas where hundreds and thousands of wholesalers from worldwide list their products for selling. These web portals are numerous number of innovative range products for you to scroll down and obtain some excellent product plans. Alibaba, Tradekey, Made-in-China, Global Sources are few of the leading wholesale marketplaces globally.


Don’t Forget to Explore Consumer Marketplaces

As similar to wholesale marketplaces, online consumer marketplaces display a wide list of variety products. Entrepreneurs can easily browse through category wise to check products, benefits and features of top online sellers. Also get eyes on the product reviews given by buyers to specifically know what customers are looking for and try to implement better on your selected products. Globally renowned consumer marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy and AliExpress are excellent for your follow through.


Check Out the Crowdfunding Websites

Crowdfunding websites are excellent sources to get capital that you may need to manufacture your new product. Nowadays, many start-up entrepreneurs are using Kickstarter to get the needed business capital for manufacturing a new product. You can also check trending new product campaigns here to get ideas that you may want to implement with your new e-commerce product.


Don’t Forget Reddit

You may not believe it, but Reddit is the hottest place for e-commerce product ideas. It covers a huge number of communities which cover pretty much every topic; from product development ideas to tips for new product launching. Also follow specific niche or industry communities, to get industry tips for your use.


World Wide Web is a bigger place than you think. It has always something or everything that you can implement with your ideas. Be original with your basis product plan and add the extras that you gain from online marketplaces to create the supreme product for your e-commerce business. Before you go for the final lunch, don’t forget to evaluate your product with the market competition. So, why to wait? You have all the resources that you need to start generating an awesome initial product list for your e-commerce website. All you have to do is research and start producing. KartRocket provide you advanced features which helps you launch and grow your eCommerce business.

Best of Luck.

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What Are Shopping Engines and How They Can Help You Increase Sales?

Creating an eCommerce portal or introducing best products may or may not help your online business every time to touch the peak of success. You should focus on building a successful retail marketing strategy and be updated with new and advanced search engine techniques. As the online market is getting tougher for e-commerce business owners nowadays, they have to go ahead with a variety of marketplace and advertising options, so that niche shoppers can find their products easily.

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) are one of the finest and most obvious search engine places where e-commerce owners can showcase their products in front of global market competitors to attract desired traffic and get relevant target consumers. These sites allow consumers see and compare the price of your products as well as gain information about their distinguishing benefits and features. While most of the online retailers opt for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Campaigns, Paid Search and other traditional digital marketing promotion ways, a thoroughly strategized and well-developed comparison shopping engine promotion program can be a game changer for e-commerce businesses of any size.

Let’s get a brief view on “How Shopping Engines can boost your sales?”

Price Comparison in Between Shoppers

Place yourself in the shoes of the consumer, what will you do before buying any product? You will compare all available options for that product category; this is exactly what consumers do every time when they start online shopping. Surveys state that almost 9 out of 10 consumer’s compare the price, benefits and features of a product before placing an online order. The higher the product price, the more time they will likely spend continuing to search for a better price alternative for the similar product elsewhere.
With Comparison Search Engines, your products can be directly viewed in search engine result pages, where shoppers can easily compare it to the retail store and competitor prices.

Outstanding Product Data Makes the Difference

The more you describe, the better the results will be. Well-written product descriptions, features, benefits, usability and other aspects in your CSE data feed can be a game-changer for e-commerce owners to promote and compete their products beyond the price fact. By describing the product with highly attractive titles and descriptions will create the best ever trust factor for your online business and move customers toward purchasing your product. Customers in turn tend to build a strong relationship with your brand.


Every Review Counts for Brand Recognition

Almost every Comparison Shopping Engine has options for giving product and seller reviews. By showing up your product in higher ranked services and with quality reviews, your potential customer count will reach its peak easily and effortlessly. Typically, customers stick with products that have better reviews or customer satisfaction points. Even for new customers, reviews are very crucial because they haven’t purchased from you before, and good reviews will do the trick for you here.

CSE Helps With Your Digital Promotion

Adding your products in CSEs will allow your online business to be included in search engine result pages for multiple times. It will allow your products to obtain more search engine result listings. E-commerce business owners can easily use the web analytic data of CSEs to better promote SEO and other paid campaigns. Your products with better search queries and conversation from CSE product listings can be used directly for digital marketing promotions. Even CSEs are great places to start when submitting your online product feeds.


5 Most Popular Comparison Shopping Engine That You Should Go For
1. Google Shopping

Google Shopping is most used and best known Comparison Shopping Engine among users. It helps your products to retain huge exposure for a long time by channelling worldwide traffic from the world’s highest popular and largest search engine. This CSE generates constant traffic, clicks, and sales for e-commerce owners. It offers simple merchant tools and significant search engine ads for optimum revenue generation.

2. Shopzilla

Although Shopzilla is a paid shopping engine, but it is one of the highest revenue producers among other shopping engines. Shopzilla features simple bidding and merchant tools, and has a very high converting rate for users. It also supports bulk product feed upload for users.


3. Amazon

A huge audience, great converting rate, easy-to-use merchant tools and most importantly budget friendly; Amazon product ads are just outstanding with their works. You can upload products via FTP or manually. Amazon product ad links customers directly to business owner’s external web store for a direct transaction.


4. eBay Commerce Network

The eBay Commerce Network is a low paid Comparison Shopping Engine. It offers category-level bids and great flexibility during product data upload. eBay Commerce is counted as one of the top traffic creating shopping engines of all time.


5. PriceGrabber

PriceGrabber has a huge network of sites that reach 26 countries worldwide. An estimated number of 1billion annual sales get completed through PriceGrabber for third party vendors. It has easy market research tools, report generating tools and product trackers for its users.


CSE management requires quite some skills to operate at its best to generate the best traffic and revenue for its users. An effective and well-managed CSE promotion campaign will double your ROI in a very short time period. Unique aspects of CSI programs can help e-commerce business owners to build an overall improvement to their e-commerce marketing with better support, low-priced campaign budget, and fast-paced results. In order to get successful with CSE campaign, you have to keep up-to-date on product guideline of different shopping engines and optimize your product data quite skilfully. So, get started today integrate them with your KartRocket website and enjoy the benefits.

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Advanced SEO Tactics to Promote Your Kartrocket Store Online

Currently, all our online businesses are part of a rapidly growing eCommerce adventure. Regardless of any business size, nowadays almost every business owner has eCommerce platforms to best serve their business opportunities in this forever running and competing virtual marketplace. Leading and high-quality eCommerce service providers such as KartRocket are high on demand in between new and existing online business owners for continuous improvement & maintenance of live eCommerce websites or to create brand new eCommerce business stores, which will be properly build to provide optimum user experience and great search engine evaluation in future.

But, eCommerce marketing is a tricky and ever-changing subject. It’s tough to find a proper guideline to promote online marketing for your eCommerce website, because the rules of digital marketing are forever changing, depending upon the recent search engine algorithms, webmaster guidelines and trending Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. We have done the research for you, and now providing you this list of top Search Engine Optimization Techniques referred by almost every leading World Wide Web search engines. Stick to this list closely as the current eCommerce market is advancing swiftly, or else your business will be left behind by your competitors. Keep reading to learn these advanced SEO techniques.

Create an Excellent Content Marketing Strategy

Nothing is better than to start building a content marketing strategy for your eCommerce business website. It’s the most effective strategy to reach out to customers globally and share your business information in a powerful way. Good content marketing can help customers in their decision making to prefer your products, services or business. You may be also glad to know that frequently changing search engine algorithm continuously crawls the web to search for improved content distribution and results eCommerce websites according to it.


Automate Your Ecommerce Business with Social Networks

To SEO professionals, social media branding and marketing is the “next big thing”, a short term yet powerful eccentricity that must be taken advantage of awhile it’s still on the trend list. Whether you are looking for increased brand reputation, more business opportunities, greater conversion rates or improved brand loyalty; promoting your business through various social networks can do the trick for you. It has 100% higher lead-to-close rate than traditional outbound digital marketing. All in all, automating your eCommerce business through different social networks will create the best opportunities to connect with global audiences and customers.


Do Proper Keyword Analysis for Your eCommerce Business

When it comes to SEO, proper keyword analysis can be a game changer for any eCommerce business. Keyword selection and optimization can be the most crucial fact that will lead your business or stop it from gaining a ton of traffic. Effective keyword analysis will lead your business to increased conversion rate, higher audience engagement, better organic search ranking, trending in most customer engaged markets and countless other SEO benefits that you only can imagine.


Optimize Your eCommerce Website for the Mobile World

The use of smartphones and tablets are well higher than PC and laptop users, which is still continuously growing on charts. Nowadays most of the customers – especially youth generation crave mobile responsiveness. Your consideration for implementing a mobile responsive interface for your eCommerce website can lead to numbers of astound advantages such as improved SEO performance, better brand identity, better portability & connectivity, improved user experience and higher client engagement. The more responsive your website is, the more advantages you will gain.


Point Your Focus to Local Marketing & Branding

Starting from below is always a wise choice than jumping directly to the upper levels. After Google’s “Pigeon” update in 2014, the importance of local search engine optimization, marketing and branding have grown enormously. It’s no longer an option for your SEO strategy, but a critical element that your eCommerce website cannot survive without.


Further, keeping sharp eyes on new updates and techniques related to Search Engine Optimization and implementing them for your benefits, is probably the best strategy that eCommerce business owners can use today. The trends in digital marketing world are always altering, and only the very best can survive through this to retain the top position. Take measures now to implement these ongoing SEO strategies, and stay committed to complete it all along. The effects of your efforts will be soon revealed with the results.

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KartRocket Marketing Initiatives

Spread Your Brand to Highly Relevant Audience

KartRocket offers advanced features that help you increase the reach of your brand. We empower you with latest technologies to drive targeted audience to your websites. Bundle of Marketing integrations definitely the best match for any business requirement. Dynamically build audience which are most likely to convert & seamlessly run Facebook & Google ads on them. One click integration with the best affiliate marketing tools to help you list on high traffic websites attracting lot of potential customers.

  1. Attract Users With Google & Facebook Ads

Display your product to most relevant audience across multiple channels with single automated platform. We understand that every business is unique in its own sense, ads which work for one might not work for all. Hence, we analyse and predict conversion rates & demand for each product based on your site behavior. With our predictive analytics, we set rules for auto allocation of budgets & bids. One click integration with your Kartrocket store makes it all the more easy to keep your audience updated about recent changes.  You can quickly create and launch ads using your existing product data, by utilizing the auto generated product feeds from the panel. Our advanced engine helps you run dynamic re targeting ads which helps you promote your products to users who earlier viewed it. It’s easy to integrate and implement on your eCommerce store with only basic understanding of the system.

  1. Track and Measure Conversions With Pixel Tracking

Pixel is a unique code created based on your website’s entity id, to track action from a given platform on your website. It is preferably placed on specific page or on a particular action you want to track. Each platform might require a unique pixel to be placed which would help you measure every user action on your website. It is used to track, report conversions, build audiences & get rich insights about how people use your website’s particular event. Default pixel code is pre-embedded in your website, you just need to copy the unique id from Google Adwords, Facebook or Analytics Account and paste it in the space provided in the store admin panel.

  1. Sell On High Traffic Affiliate Websites

Market your brand on high traffic websites, gain potential & targeted leads with top rated affiliate marketing tools. Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention through viral referral campaigns. Kartrocket provides seamless integration multiple affiliates. Once integrated you can track the performance of all the affiliates on a single dashboard.

  1. Affiliate Networks:InnoExcel, IcubesWire,  Dgxsell
  2. Affiliate Sites:Freekamaal, Mydala,
  3. Coupon Sites:Coupondunia, Coupon Nation
  4. Referral and Cash back Engines:Refiral, Baggout

Convert with your visitors Into Customers

We have seen our clients grow at nearly 2X the industry average because we give them right features and tools that help us effectively convert visitors in to customers. Engage with your customers with the best personalised communications. Give the right push to your customers to  visit your website so they get converted into your customers. Customize the website as per every visitor, make them feel that you know exactly what they want even if they left your website.

  1. Dynamic Carousels

Keep your website fresh and dynamic without having constant changes done by your tech team. Keep your site lively with New Arrivals, Trending Products, Top Sellers and Live Feed of User Activity. Dynamically create web widgets and use them on any landing page you want. Tag users based on their activity and product they visited, show them related products, recently viewed, grouped product. Your users would definitely want to see if someone else bought this product or not. Use these tools to increase purchases and reduce the time leading to purchases for all your customers.

  1. Build Trust with Ratings & Reviews

Featuring product reviews increases sales by 21% on average. Integrate with the smartest product reviews and rating solution that helps you generate tons of authentic reviews. They can be seamlessly distributed over all social platforms thus creating brand value & word of mouth for your brand. You can harness the trust of your past buyers to turn visitors in to shoppers. Instantly send them emails for product reviews and give them beautiful, simple, mobile-first reviewing experience. Reward them for their loyalty with discounts or other benefits that keeps them coming back to your website.

  1. Discount Rules

Acquire new customers, retain slipping clients, and reward the loyal ones with our discount rules app. You can setup flash sales, Fixed &  percentage discounts at category & product levels with this flexible tool. It facilitates you to create a price rules which would ensure both you and customer get the best out of the transaction.

  1. Ready to Launch Combo Offers on Products

All customers love offers & combo deals are the icing on the cake. With our inbuilt Combo Offer app you can easily create custom rules at Product and Category level to create multiple offers & combo deals on daily basis. You can combine high moving product with lower ones to liquidate it. Run custom offers from your admin panel with no tech effort from day one.

Types of rules which can be applied are as follows:

  1. You Buy X and get Y Free

This rule is applied at product level, it defines that if a customer buys X number of products then will get Y number of products free on buying X number products but in cart there should be X+Y products. Customer will get only Y lowest price products as free.

  1. Buy X number of products and get freebie

It means at the time of checkout customer will get a freebie product that will be added by merchant itself on buying X number of products. Leading to you getting a product free of cost.

  1. Buy Product Worth Rs.X  and get freebie

It means customer will get a freebie product at the time of checkout if their order total equal or greater than Rs. X that will be added in backend by the merchant itself.

Re-engage With Your Customers

KartRocket offers you integration with best engagement solutions available for building fully customized ecommerce sites that engage and convert shoppers. Engage with your existing clients by sending them personalized communications. You can easily promote products based on buying history, target long-time customers with rewards, and win back previous shoppers with special offers. Re-engage with customers using SMS, browser push & email notifications etc.

  1. Automatic Newsletter

Set Up a two way communication with your customers, engage them by sending more useful content than promotional stuff. Remember a customer lands up to your website if it has something unique to offer. Keep them updated with learning guides, how to, industry trends, blogs & success stories. Re-engage with up to 19% of inactive users through curated content and blogs.

  1. Automatic SMS

SMS is a powerful medium giving you instant access to your customer’s phone, if used right. Use it smartly, and make it lead into more engagement. Use it to fuel app downloads or website conversions. Retarget your customers through SMS who do not respond to emails. SMS has the highest probability that it will read by your customers.

  1. Browser Push

Always wondered how you can get back the people who visited your website and left without a signup? Here we are with an automated solution for engaging with them. Showcase them your products, send them regular customized messages and increase their chances of conversion.  Get a one time opt-in and then have access to them even when they are not on your website. Keep them engaged with New Product Arrival announcements, Personalized Reminders, Flash Sales Announcements, and Interesting Content.

  1. Auto Facebook Post

Automate Facebook posts and keep a regular frequency without any effort. Keep your page updated with trends and real time information of what’s happening on the website. Update them with new arrivals and trends, offers or special discounts. You can increase your organic reach by 56% with no extra effort.

  1. Notify Customers Automatically About the Availability of Product

Worried that you did a marketing blast & got lot of leads for a product but it went out of stock, with ‘Notify’ feature which allows customer to setup alerts when a given product would be available. Once the product is in Stock customers gets notified automatically about its availability. Never let your products go ‘Out Of Stock’ with our unique ‘Notify’ feature.

Recommendation Engine

  1. Automate Abandoned Cart Emails

Trends suggest that more than 50% of the eCommerce users exit any website before checkout. You can push them to visit your website again by sending them customizable series of emails. Help them understand your product, its benefits & why they should complete the purchase. Run offers with products they had in their cart. It is a very useful feature as you can easily set the frequency and the content for the same.

  1. Personalised Recommendations

Create multiple persona based on the user behaviour on the website. Engage your customers across the Web, Email, SMS and Social Pages. Measure user response and retarget them on the right medium. Automate your campaigns, posts, emails monitor and tweak them.  Dynamically segment content, handpick products to showcase and create customizable product recommendations.

  1. Define Custom Rules for Sending SMS

You can create rules based on the user activity on the email and place triggers at every stage. For every recommendation email you send there is a high probability of it going unread. Hence setting an auto SMS which lands directly on phone might solve our purpose. If the users opts for browser notification then they get it as an additional communication.


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