eCommerce Sales Funnel SEO

eCommerce Sales Funnel Optimization via SEO to Boost Sales

When it comes to eCommerce, a significant amount of time is dedicated to getting the process of sales right. In this context, Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays a major role in fulfilling the process of the sales funnel.

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Online Business Ideas for Bad Credit

21 Online Businesses to Start with No Money or Bad Credit

If you have a laptop, you can use it to start your next online business from your home itself. Surprising it may sound but you just need to have a laptop and an internet connection to reach millions of users across the globe and start a lucrative business. So let us have an idea of some of the most profitable home-based online business opportunities that you can look forward to.

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Businesses Not Using eCommerce

What Businesses Do Not Use eCommerce?

While online businesses are on the boom across the world, there are still quite a lot of businesses that do not use eCommerce. To put it simply, their business objectives do not seem to have a requirement for an online business platform. So let us have an idea of which businesses do not really use eCommerce as their business requirements, and whether they can get accustomed to the eCommerce platform to enhance their reach and reception.

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eCommerce Business Models - Types, Pros, and Cons

Types of eCommerce Business Models, Pros, and Cons

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about eCommerce is that it is an online commercial or sales transaction that takes place between the supplier and the customer. While the idea of the concept is right, there are more specific factors involved that categorize eCommerce into six major types. Each of these types has different features and attributes.

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eCommerce Limitations and Disadvantages

What are the Limitations of eCommerce Businesses

eCommerce has become one of the most popular mediums of transactions in the recent years. While it does offer quite a lot of benefits to both buyers and sellers, it is not totally free from disadvantages. By having an idea of these limitations, we can address them and come up with a solution.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meaning and Uses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meaning and its Uses in Daily Life

The world has not come to that stage where machines have started dominating humans but it seems that the process has already started. Nevertheless, machines nowadays have a say and significant influence on the way we eat, sleep, work, live and almost whatever we do from morning till night. Starting from personal assistants, such as Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri to even more advanced and complex platforms, the world is becoming more habitual to these applications and gadgets.

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eCommerce Product Pages Conversion Optimization

11 eCommerce Product Page Conversion Optimization Tips

As an owner of an online store, you invest quite a good deal of money and energy in order to have a good design, a well-functioning system, and a smooth payment process. However, in the process of doing all these, a lot of the owners seem to forget to deal with the creation and maintenance of the product pages although they are extremely important. Let us have an idea of the best practices to improve eCommerce product pages so they convert better for your business.

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Reduce eCommerce Shipping Cost

How to Reduce Shipping and Delivery Cost in eCommerce

When it comes to eCommerce business, delivery costs may be a headache in the revenue. With the rising shipping costs, a significant amount of money goes away from the business. This is one reason why most businesses would want to have a delivery channel that is cost effective and at the same time provides maximum reach and reception. As an entrepreneur, you need to have a proper strategy that ensures that your delivery costs are kept within a limit and does not shoot up. So let us have an idea as to how you can reduce your delivery costs and get profitable.

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GST Impact on eCommerce

GST and its Impact on eCommerce Businesses

In July, the government of India has introduced the Goods and Services Tax (GST) across the country. Hailed as the One Nation One tax policy, this unified taxation across the nation aims to eradicate tax hurdles and make the whole taxation process flexible and unified. Like all other businesses, eCommerce also has been affected by it. As an entrepreneur in the eCommerce industry, you need to be aware of the impacts of this unified taxation policy and accordingly adapt to changing situations. While not all areas of the GST will impact eCommerce, but there are some areas that will definitely impact the online businesses.

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eCommerce Fraud Prevention

How to Protect Your eCommerce Website from Frauds

Like other forms of business, eCommerce business is also based on getting the right customers and adding to the revenue. As it involves all the necessary business processes, it is also vulnerable to fraudulent activities. Because eCommerce business is solely based on the internet platform where there is a virtual meeting between the sellers and customers, it is more susceptible to frauds. As an entrepreneur who is into an eCommerce business, you need to prevent against such frauds so that your business does not suffer any losses. By this way, you will be able to add to your sales and profit.

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