How will sokrati help you?

  • Create Google Ads

    Make Google campaigns using thousands of multi-formatted ads, and generate numerous ad copies with text, images & video format. Launch campaigns the smart way.

  • Allocate The Budget As Per Your Preference

    Ensure you get the correct value of money, as every bit counts. Manage your spends using category-level budget allocation, and spend money wisely.

  • Make Smarter Marketing Decisions With Analytics

    Provide brilliant user experience by mapping the right product to the right seller, at the right time. Recommend your products to customers based on purchase behaviour, demographics, etc.

  • Predict Trends To
    Sell Better

    Using Catalog Intelligence, get predictions of high converting products. Make data-backed marketing decisions with auto-discovery of top trending SKUs, seasonality & user personas for your store.

  • Increase Your Brand

    Enhance your seller and brand experience with targeted product advertisements. Now you can acquire as well as retain customers with utmost ease, and focus on selling.

  • Achieve Amazing Roi
    & Insights

    Maximise your conversion rate and increase your revenues with KartRocket. Launch marketing campaigns effortlessly, and reach the right audience with intelligence.

Market Faster, Easier & Better with Kartrocket


Q. How can I start with the Sokrati feature?

This feature is available in the KartRocket panel. Once you sign up for a plan, you can register for this service in 4 simple steps:

  1. Login to your KartRocket Store and navigate to the KartRocket dashboard.
  2. Select ‘Marketing > Ads’ in the left menu and choose ‘Sokrati’.
  3. Click on the ‘I’m Interested’ button. Your request will get submitted to us.
  4. We will get back in touch with you and complete the required steps to get you started with the Sokrati feature.

Q. How can i buy Sokrati plans after 1 month?

To continue using the Sokrati feature after the initial 1 month, you have to buy new plans
from the Sokrati panel.

Q. How will i get these credits in my account?

These credits worth Rs. 10,000 will be credited automatically into your Sokrati account.

Q. What do I need to do to redeem this offer?

To redeem this offer, you need to buy a paid plan on KartRocket, and sign up on Sokrati through the KartRocket admin panel.

Q. How can i measure my performance?

You can measure the performance of your advertisements through the Sokrati Panel itself.

*Terms & Conditions

- This offer applies to accounts which have not advertised on Google in the last 6 months in any way.
- This offer can be availed once only.
- The Advertising credits will be available only for 30 days and need to be consumed within the same period.
- The campaign parameters shall be managed by Sokrati & Kartrocket
- KartRocket users will have access to the Sokrati reporting panel after they avail this offer. They can track the progress of their campaign through the panel, but will not have access to change the campaign parameters.
- Sokrati & Kartrocket have the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time, without any prior notice.

Thank You for contacting us. Our executives will call
you shortly.